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Total Solution Starting at 268...

Well here I am, sat at my Mum's place in Canada on my hols. Thinking about packing my cases, ready to catch my flight home in the morning.

I've just popped some new batteries into the scales so that I can weigh the suitcases, (the scales that I've purposely not fixed for the last fortnight). I've just been brave and finally faced them.....268lbs! That's 19 stone and 2lbs...I've managed to put on a whole stone in less than 2 weeks. Absolutely disgusted with myself if I am honest :cry:

A friend and work colleague has just started Exante and I agreed to buddy up with her, she's on day 11 I think? and is doing great and to be honest I can't wait to get started now.

I've done CD in the past and lost 3 stone, nowhere near what I need to, but it was a start...and I let it all go back on again :(

I have literally scoffed and scoffed and scoffed for the last 2 weeks. I've eaten anything I have wanted and in huge portions. I've guzzled litres and litres of Coke and various other pop drinks. Munched in the evening on sweets...and I can definately feel that extra weight.

My stomach feels like it's poking 2 foot further out in front of me, I feel like my extra chin has gotten so big I can't actually put my chin to my chest (this is backed up by the photos of said extra 4 chins). My boobs feel like they have grown 3 cup sizes (not the biggest problem I guess :) ). I am out of breath continuously, even at night laying on my back I can feel my breathing laboured. My fingers are so puffy I can't get my ring off, my ankles are all puffy too. I've got varicous veins type looking burst blood vessels on my legs and some of my stretch marks are bright red.

Still...tomorrow I travel home, will arrive back in the UK 6.30 Sunday morning. I can't start tomorrow (Saturday) as will be spending about 17 hours in airports and on flights. Can't even really up the water as I can't be going to the loo every whip and flip on the plane.

Sunday morning we fly into Heathrow and they we've got a 5-6 hour drive back to Cornwall, where we drop my gran off, before doing the rounds to see the family, going to Asda and then finally home.

I'll see how I go on Sunday, but I think it's more likely that Sunday will be a carb detox day as apposed to Day 1, as I won't be home and have access to any shakes until about 4pm. And to be honest, it's going to be bad enough doing the drive after all that travel, without having to face low blood sugar and dehydration headaches (or stopping every 2 minutes at a services).

So I am still planning on Day 1 being Monday 22nd and we've now got an even bigger end goal to work on.

46 weeks until my wedding...and about ahlf of my body weigh to lose!
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skinny jeans-im on my way
hey,goodluck kez,im starting on monday,did cd last year,had a weekend off last september then never managed to get back on track!
just get that first week over with,and you will be flying.xx


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Good luck!
Good luck Kez, looking forwards to hearing how it goes :)
Thanks everyone! Random middle of the night post, but after over 24 hours travelling home and no sleep, I was so tired and dizzy, I couldnt think straight. But now with 7 hours kip inside me, I feel like I can string a sentence together.

When I got home the scales were still reading 19 stone 2 lbs, so guess thats my start weight!

I've given all my sweets away while handing out presents and I emptied the fridge prior to going, so I think I'm set.

Going to start the first few days on 4 packs. Porridge for breakfast, a couple of shakes to get me through work and porridge again in the evening.

Am hoping I can shift this holiday gain asap and start feeling like normal, instead of a swollen version of my already fat self! :)

Hmmm, guess I better try to get some more kip. Back in the office tomorrow. Night x
Jesus, my calfs are so swollen I feel like I could put a pin in them!
cornishkez said:
Jesus, my calfs are so swollen I feel like I could put a pin in them!
I love travelling but I hate the actual traveling part. It's a total body killer. Good luck today, take it easy. I'm lucky enough to be off till Thursday night so I have some time at home to go through the motions. I hope you feel better soon.
Hi kez just popped in to say hi Abd good luck for your new start . Stay strong the next few days cos you know it's going to be hard .....come Thursday /Friday you will be loads loads better . Hopefully some if the swelling will be water retention from the flights so you may show a really good loss in a couple of days plus feel less "tight" . Looking forward to hearing your journey stories xxxxxx
hey , I rememeber you from CD :D welcome to exante and good luck !! I am on a restrat today after being ill and having the weekend off .. and using it as an excuse to scoff all the things I shouldnt ..... so day 1 for me today too :/ I started at 266lb origanally , and its amazing how fast te weight melts away .. I am sure you will do great and there are lots of us here to give you encouragement and support :D
Are you using CD porridges ?? thats the one thing I really miss from CD , the maple and pecan porridge was amazing .. although I LOVE the exante soups , and hated the CD ones , so i find the soups are more filling than the shakes and make me feel like i have had a proper meal :) and the exante bars are lush :D


Fat ain't Fab!
Good luck today Kerry.....I forgot I was on holiday this week until last Friday!......that was a nice suprise!.....not going anywhere, obviously or I wouldn't have forgotten, just a week off to keep the childcare costs down over the summer hols!!

Looking forward to seeing how you did week 1 when I am back next week. I'm on here and FB most the time if you want to message me.

Ps, you will already see you didn't get the huge desk!.it wouldn't fit....but you still got a nicer bigger one than you had...
Hi Tiggertoes and Mamakash, thanks for popping in, nice to meet you!

Hey Determinator, of course I remember you! Tregena Castle right? The porridges are left over CD products that I'm using up. I agree, not sure how I'm going to cope with my porridges?!

Hey Lellylion, very jealous...wish I had another week off. Or just another day would have been good. Got the desk, it's the same size as my old one, it just curves, so means I'm actually further away from my screens :( Still I got to move the scanner/copier, so that means Trish has no excuse to come and stare over my shoulders everytime she uses it..teehee! :)

Hey Shanny! I see you're rocking it as a maintainer...did you find an RC class?

Day 1 so far....I feel rough, rough, rough! Jet lag, dizzy, pukey... :( But not VLCD's fault, just a mixture or the travelling, lack of sleep. time zones etc. Can't wait to get home to my bed though!

Had an A&C porridge about 7am, then half a coffee and a litre of water before lunch, have just had a M&P porridge for dinner and I am also having a Spicy Tomato soup too..as I can feel my blood sugars starting to drop and I need the extra something.

The porridges are scrummy, I've mastered making them up now and I'm really going to miss them. Am loving the Tomato soup as well at the minute, thankfully I managed to make it right this time...I couldn't have coped with a frothy, gritty soup that the tomato is prone to coming out like.

Another litre on my desk and another large coffee! Not sure how I am going to fare this afternoon, to be honest I'm not concentrating on anything, I'm just going through the motions. Have got another porridge with me if I get desperate.

Have only been for 1 wee, so I must be mega dehydrated from the light etc. I can't wait for the swelling in my legs to go down...mind you all the extra weight I put on, on my hols...it might just be extra fat?!

I had to wear my size 24 trousers today, which I've only ever kept as a before and after thing. Mainly as most things are in the wash or suddenly too small! They are too big around the leg, but fit far to well on the stomach and hips. Hopefully in a week or so I'll be back in my usual clothes.

Just found out I've got a customer services course tomorrow for half a day...that's going to be fun on Day 2 isn't it? Might write 'BEWARE' on my forehead...going to be super snappy!

Oh and also, I'm considering giving up smoking? It's been 4-5 days since I last had one. I'm only a 1-2 a day smoker anyway, usually in the evening after food, but being away I just didn't have the oppurtunity or feel the need. So am thinking I should make the most of it and make a clean break?

Glutten for punishment or what!
Well, here's another middle of the night post!

I made it through yesterday, I got home from work and went straight to bed.

So just the 3 products, mind you Im feeling hungry now. 2 litres of water down. The only bad thing was that I forgot my sweeteners, so I had real sugar in my coffee.

Scales are showing me back in the 18's which is a relief.
Hey Kez i googled a RC class near me and it's 35 mins away... a bit far for me to travel on the bus after work on a thursday evening.

These WW and SW classes on my door step so going back to ww as i know the plan really well, so i might aswell :)

glad to read the scales are in the next stone bracket... keep going and stay strong, and you weighing daily?


Fat ain't Fab!
Well done on getting through the first day Kerry....and already getting into a lower number on The scales, that brilliant motivation straight away!

Good luck with day 2!
I'll be weighing daily to begin with to get me through the first few days, but no official announcement until the end of the week.

Had the best sleep ever, but still feeling on another planet. I get really bad problems with my ears and on the way to Canada, after the flights, I was having dizzy spells cause of my ears for about 3 days, so guess the same is happening now?

I'm covered in weals from mosquito and horse fly and they are drving me mad!!!

So I have taken my anti-sickness/dizzy pills, anti-histamines, paracetamol and covered myself in Savlon bite & sting relief. Got a coffee in my hand and ready for this customer services course!

Have a good day all!
Hello Kez, nice to meet you to ;) I'm glad things have settled for you. Flying always throws my body out of whack. I'm flying long haul to South Africa in a few weeks and it's a 14hr flight :( I'm not looking fwd to that!

I couldn't help chuckling when I read your post about the BEWARE sign on yer forehead. Haha! :D I know exactly what you mean. My mouth is dangerous when I'm cranky.

I've done day one, and it was hard. I was tired, shaky, dizzy, HUNGRY and cold. But I've woken up today and I feel grrreat! Let's hope it stays like that eh.

Hope yours and everyone's day goes easy x
Well the customer services course is over and done with....wasn't half as bad as I was expecting! Just got this afternoon to get through and then hopefully tomorrow (after another good nights kip), I'll feel a little bit more normal.

So far so good, porridge at 6am...only half a litre of water down so far, but have had 3 very large coffees and been peeing like a racehorse, so clearly am not dehydrated yet. Have had a Tesco replacement bar...the raspberry one...very yummy! And have got either a soup or another porridge for lunch? But not hungry at the mo, so putting it off till later when I am.

Am feeling a little bit light headed, but honestly have no idea whether thats jet lag, my ears, VLCD, lack of sleep....etc, etc. Got a little bit of that empty, sloshy belly feeling...which I know I'll come to love in a few days.

I'll do a ketostix in the morning and might be pleasantly suprised, but I reckon after my binging fortnight that it's going to take more than 2 days to clear out my carb stores!

Went to Tesco prior to work and bought some tuna, eggs, chicken slices and cottage cheese to keep in the fridge, just in case! Better to be prepared...also got some coke zero too...yum, yum!

I really, really want to say how much the scales have dropped, but I daren't cause if I stat putting it on a pedastool I end up making targets and goals that aren't acheivable.

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