500 Calories Starting Judd today .... Eeeek :)

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by Welshmamma, 20 September 2012 Social URL.

  1. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Had a week on Lipotrim made me feel crap! Lost nine pounds but can't cope with being empty!!! I'm hoping this will work :)
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  3. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    2374 on an up day!!!!!! Wow x x 475 on a DD x
  4. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    It will work and I think you mean YAY not EEK!! ;)


    P x
  5. sunnyrae

    sunnyrae Silver Member

    What P said u will love this plan :) thinking about all the nice coods u want to enjoy tomorrow gets u through a down day
  6. mummy2beslim

    mummy2beslim taking one day at a time

    good luck you will love it :)
  7. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Started on an up day as I have not eaten for a while lol x struggled to eat tbh but I'm going to eat what I can as I'm sure I'll be hungry tomorrow for my DD lol x I can do this! Just hope I see some weight loss :)
  8. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Hi and welcome, not sure if you are aware but when you come off a ketogenic diet like you just have then on average you gain 7lbs due to the glycogen stores in your liver being replenished, thats the bad news BUT the good news is that lots have swapped from a vlcd to juddd , myself included and have lost on the first week, I lost 2 lbs. If you manage a sts you will be doing brilliantly and a few lbs gain will not be a failure of your making or the diets just your body having to readjust as I mentioned.
    I am only mentioning this so you are aware but I am sure you are, give juddd a month and I am sure you will love it just as much as the dedicated Juddders on this forum. Only rules are to eat your UP days cals, you are not dieting on your UP days and keep to 500 or under on your DD s they are the magic days. Any questions ask away. Oh and remember if you are a daily weigher you WILL see fluctuations up and down but its only your weekly weigh in that counts, it should always be after a DD so if you are planning on doing strict alternates the day will alter each week depending on which day falls after a DD. Sorry I am bombarding you now, good luck and enjoy x
  9. mummytummy

    mummytummy Silver Member

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll feel much better on this over LT! I know I do! x
  10. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Thanks so much x I'm a bit weary of food and I must say eating felt really weird today!! X

    I hope to god I balance out or I'll cry :(( x I am so desperate to loose this weight I am serial dieter!!! And just get fatter? This plan looks doable and I can fast I can go all day in work without eating, it amazes me I'm so fat sometimes! But I can binge too so it looks like a diet made for me lol ;)

    You all look really helpful and supportive so I'll be on here LOTS ;0) I will weigh weekly I can't cope with daily weighing its depressing lol x x
  11. yoga84

    yoga84 Gold Member

    We are all very happy and supportive - JUDDing just makes you like that :) xx
  12. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Hey WM, fear not lovely, it WILL balance out :D

    And I virtually live here, so shout up for a chat anytime.

    Hang tough, missus :D

    P x

    PS - who IS that gorgeous hottie on your avatar?! Yummmm ;)
  13. jacci48

    jacci48 Silver Member

    Im sure you will love it as we all do, take care!
  14. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Lol the absolutely gooooooooorgeous hottie is Jessie Pavelka!!! He would make one hell of a Christian Grey when the movie is out :p x
  15. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    Lol I wish I could say he was mine ha ha ha x who needs cream cake when u could have Jessie?!? X
  16. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Blooming heck missus, I won't sleep tonight now!! ;) Loved, loved, loved 'Obese - a year to save my life' Brit stylee :D

    Is it me or is it hot in here?! ;)

    P x
  17. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    He is lush!! :))

    DD for me today but I'm not worried I actually feel really good because I feel I'm in control! I know what I'm doing and I can't really mess it up :0)) whoop whoop :0) x x

    Need to shop though as I took two cup a soups out for work and they are a hundred cals a piece so need to be more savvy with the cals x
  18. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Mmm nice bit of eye candy for you pic!! lol!

    Just wnated to say that I was a binger too, but I think it was diets that made me binge.. cos I would get fed up and eat everything I could.. like everything, not just the stuff I craved, I started to think I was borderline bulimic because I would feel guilty & sometimes force myself to be sick :\ not good! But I haven't felt like binging at all recently.. I've even got into a habit of saving cakes & bits til the next day?! So weird for me, but a good habit... just realising you don't neeeeeeeeeeeed this stuff right now.. but can have it tomorrow!!
  19. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    I found slim-a-soup... 50-70 cals dependent on flavours lol
  20. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    I figured he is the best kind of candy to be eyeing up!!! Ha ha ;0)

    Thanks I'll get some slimmer soups, really handy to throw in my bag for work x x
  21. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Silver Member

    UD and it's a weekend!! Yaaaay :0) takeaway and wine with no guilt later!! BRING IT ON :0))

    I am feeling really bloated this morning though and I don't think I've actually been the loo for z couple of days.......bloody VLCD, I can feel a dulcolax moment occurring later lol x

    My scales have died this morning was hoping to do a cheeky check, hope I haven't gained so much after VLCD that they've given up on me ;0)

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