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Hi, I was previously on this forum doing cd but as I have 3stones + to loose for my wedding in June I have made the decision to change to lighterlife. I feel I need the extra support which LL gives you, so hopefully I will be nice and slim for my wedding!! I start the program tomorrow....I very excited about the thought of being slim again!!!

I'd love hear some success stories form you all....:)

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Hi There princess, welsome to the wonderful world that is LL. The first week may be tough for you, but by day 7/8 you will be flying. Good luck and shout if you need any help..


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Hi PP,

I'm on day 8 and aiming to lose another 4 stone for my August wedding. Found week 1 ok, thought I would be tired, starving and feel permanently ill. But, only effect was I felt a little weak and had bad toothache in all my teeth!?!

The best thing for me was to get in to a routine and then it feels like 'normal'. I'm not thinking about how long I'll be doing this, just taking it one foodpack at a time and one day at a time. Have told myself that I'll carry on doing this as along as I don't feel ill and am not hungry as I'm getting all of the nutrients I need and therefore any cravings are simply that - they are not necessity. And I'll enjoy every minute of starving those cravings!!

Well that's my theory anyway, fingers crossed!

Good luck,



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Good luck PP! I am into week 4 of LL and have found it very straightforward. Had a cracking headache the first weekend, but since then I have felt good. I don't like the soups tho, so its bars and shakes here (bars from week 2 for you!).
I am aiming for 6 stone total loss, maybe a bit more, will see how I feel when I get closer to where I want to be.


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Hello, wecome aboard!

I've lost count where I am in the scheme of things probably about 4 months in, but its honestly the easiest diet I ever did!

Best of luck to you



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hi princess..Day 1 for me.

can't complain until now.

not as bad as i thought it was. was a bit drowsy in the afternoon though but keep urself busy.

gluck. let me know how you get on.


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Hia Princesspink,

I have had good success with LL too, like some of the other posters. Keep to the programme, do the homework, drink the water and you'll be fine!