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Starting S&S on 7th Jan :))

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by mrskyle88, 31 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I have been a yogi dieter for the last 18 months but have just received my 28 day order from slim and save!

    Really motivated to do this, but hanging off until I'm back home from visit to family this week.

    My start weight is 13st and I want to get to 10st - not given myself a time limit or deadline but I just want to get there!

    Myself and DH are on the waiting list from ivf at the moment so want to get I. He best shape I can ahead of it for e best chances!

    Anyway - look forward to sharing my diary with you !

    Dee x
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  3. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Starting to get myself in the mindset of beginning the diet on Monday - so today I decided to cut down the carbs and my portions to see how I got on and done surprisingly well! Tomorrow I head down south the spend 4 days with family as I did to see them over Xmas so will be having a belated Xmas dinner and drinks no doubt so as soon as I get back on Monday I will be 100% slim and save - so excited :)
    Really looking forwa to saying good bye to the flabby old me
  4. wobbly tum!

    wobbly tum! Full Member

    Enjoy the weekend! I had 2 Christmases too :) I'll be following your diary to support/listen/read x
  5. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Thanks wobbly!

    Just getting the last few bits and bobs together then heading in the car for the 5 hour drive :( worth it when we get there though!!

    I'll catch up on Monday x
  6. Veve

    Veve Full Member


    I'm planning to start slim and save to but I'm going to start on Monday 14th January as myself and hubby have a "chocoholics afternoon tea" booked at Hilton park lane for Sunday 13th which I've been looking forward too for ages (I love Cakes/chocolate hence the reason why I'm overweight) lol

    I am 13st 2lbs at the moment and I would like to go down to 10st 7lbs. So we could be Slim and Save buddies! I'm planning to do a weekly weigh in diary with picture updates like when I did the Cambridge Diet here's the link http://www.minimins.com/cd-weekly-weigh/197044-veves-cd-weigh-ins.html

    I wish you good luck and we will both be slim buddies together x x x
    Last edited: 6 January 2013
  7. Rosey38

    Rosey38 Full Member

    Hope you're enjoying your belated Xmas. I started Friday, going well at the end of day 2!! You've got a good goal to keep you motivated. I'm Also s&s ing to give myself a better chance of starting a family!! X
  8. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hi Veve, I'd love to be your buddy!! Just returned home from the break down south and feel more sluggish than usual so really looking forward to starting tomorrow!
  9. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hi Rosey,

    Your doing well already! I'm really looking forward to starting tomorrows!!
  10. Vikx

    Vikx Member

    Hi am new on here and am in the same boat...
    I am a yoyo dieter about 5 years ago I was 9st 10 and at 5'8 I was slim and gradually gained weight and got to 13st 9.5:( I've lost a few pound and am 13st 1.5 at the minute but that took 9 months lol... My goal is to get to 10st that's 43.5 pound by June.
    Anyway I started slim and save today so fingers crossed I won't be the fat friend when I go on holiday and could do with some help x x
  11. wobbly tum!

    wobbly tum! Full Member

    Welcome back Dee :D Hope you had a lovely weekend. Where abouts 'down south' did you go?
    So are you all set for tomorrow? Will you weigh in in the morning?
    Don't forget to log in here everytime it gets bad (and it will!) but it won't last forever and it gets so much better x
  12. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hey ladies,

    I was down in Birmingham, had a lovely time but feeling rough tonight!

    I am going to weigh take pics etc later on tonight before bed as I am always manic in the mornings getting to work!

    How you are you doing wobbly? Xxx
  13. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hi Vic,

    I'll be here moaning, ranting etc no doubt so feel free to follow if you don't mind a bit of rambling!

    Have you started a diary of your own? Let me know if you have and I will come support you xx

    You can do this!!!
  14. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Hi all,

    Getting everything organised for back to work tomorrow :)

    Decided to do 4 packs for the first 4 days and 3 packs and a meal from there as I have just remembered I have a huge works night out in Friday night and there is a posh 3 course dinner! It's black tie and everything so I'm staying teetotal and having sparkling water or come zero to drink, and only eating the green veg and meat in the meal!
    The menu is OK, salmon terrine to start which I wouldn't touch anyway as I don't like fish at the best of times so have opted for the veggie lettuce ice cream/sorbet to start, the main in rib eye and assorted veg so I am having a small steak (only half the portion) with veg from the allowed list and no sauces etc. I am skipping desert and taking a bar :) hopefully it won't slow down my loss to much! It's one of those unavoidable social events that ill need to get use to and I'm not putting off starting for another week or ill never start!!!

    Anyhow, tomorrow my plan is to have:

    0700 - cold iced water to start of the day
    (I usually drink a lovely green tea infused with tangerine and lotus flower - but it has citric acid so will be avoiding that!)
    1030 - cookies and cream shake made up with water and ice
    1330 - Mild curry packet with 50g of rocket
    1600 - lemon bar
    1830 - chilli pack with 150g of lettuce (to make lettuce wraps)

    I will also have 2l of water throughout the day and doing my usual 45 mins of walking :)

    I can't wait to get started!

    I will update my diary with start stats later x
  15. Veve

    Veve Full Member

    Good luck on your first day x x x
  16. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Halfway through Day 1! Really hungry but about to tuck into my Mild curry.

    So far i have had, 2 pints of water, cookies and cream shake and lemon bar :D
  17. Vikx

    Vikx Member

    Hi mrskyle, I've not stared a diary just yet but so far so good, sick of people telling me I will just gain the weight again so am determined to prove them all wrong x x
  18. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Home from work and decided to have a protein meal tonight instead of another pack - had 3 so far today so making 100g chicken breast (grilled) with 200g of spring greens
    Stomachs really bloated today and so sore! It is TOTM tho :(
  19. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    Ended up having a protein meal of chicken and spring greens last night and then fell asleep on the couch at 8pm!
    At least i cant eat when I sleep!

    Today - I have Cookie and Cream Shake, choc Almond Bar and Chilli + meal of chicken and leeks tonight.
  20. Vikx

    Vikx Member

    Dammm!!!! I had a few carrots on my tea last night only about 25g I thought they were in the list, will this make a difference!!! X
  21. mrskyle88

    mrskyle88 Full Member

    I think you should be ok if it was only 25g of carrots - better than 25g of potatoes!

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