Starting tomorrow - Any advice?

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  1. I will do it this time!

    I will do it this time! Full Member

    I'm doing it the cambrige way!
    Hello everyone,
    I am so impressed with all the sucess stories and am starting the diet tomorrow.
    I picked up my packs tonight so am all set to go.
    I will be having two shakes and 1 soup a day, and bought a variety until I know which ones I like.

    I haven't reduc ed my carbs this week as advised because i needed to get started before getting cold feet, will this affect my weight loss?

    Any other advice for the coming week?

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  3. lancslass53

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    hi anne

    welcome and best wishes for your weight loss journey, this site is a lifesaver and people on here are very friendly and helpful, any questions all u need to do is ask and somebody will know the answer.

    i didnt reduce my carb intake either and found it hard going at first but after 3-4 days i was fine, didnt affect any weight loss either, all u need to remember is drink plenty of water and you'll find it easier

    good luck :D
  4. Ceri

    Ceri Full Member

    cambridge diet
    Hello there. I didn't reduce my carb intake before diet either. It doesn't affect weight loss it is supposed to help with withdrawal from carbs and make you feel less hungry. To be honest I didn't really feel very hungry. Many say that day 3 is the worse, it was day 4 that I felt hungry and the thought that I'd not eaten proper food for a while hit me. It's not that bad.
    Personally I really enjoy the freedom from thinking about food. In the past I have obsessed about what to eat when on a diet. With this diet you know that you can only lose weight because of the amount of cals consumed. That is really motivating, as is the quick result.
    I am now on my 6 week. I really enjoy it. Have lost 1st8lbs with 5lbs til healthy bmi and around 9lbs til goal.
    I love the shakes and the bars ( allowed after week 2) but I can't stomach the soup.
    Drink plenty of water and think about each day and how hard you've worked to last 1,2,3 days etc. If you ever feel hungry just think about the good weight loss you might be affecting. Is that moment of pleasure worth feeling anxious, upset and disappointed about at weigh in.
    Good luck to you. It is a great diet.
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  5. Mia

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    Hi - I didn't reduce my carb intake either. I decided to go on the Cambridge on the Wednesday morning, found and rang the Councellor on the afternoon and was at her house on the night time!!! Started the next day before I could have second thoughts. I lost 9.5lb in my first week and have lost a total of 16 3/4 in 3 weeks. The first 3 days were a nightmare for me I must admit but I keep picturing me in my size 12 jeans and that does it for me
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  6. Chika

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    Cambridge Diet
    Best advice is keep oin drinking the water and I would try your shakes hot and cold as the changed temp can make some taste amazing!

    Oh and keep on posting, you will get so much good advice and inspiration from here!

    Good luck with the diet.
  7. Sambucca

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    Gastric BYpass
    Hi Anne

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on starting the diet.

    It wont matter that you havent reduced carbs. You will still have a good loss in your first week if you stick to the diet.

    Just drink as much water as you can manage, min 2.5litres but go for 4 or even 5 litres if you can manage it.

    You will have some really hungry days in your first week, but stick with it. Once you are past the first week it is easy, I promise. Find things to distract you if you are thinking of food, go for a walk or have a bath or come on here and read the diaries and the success stories.

    Good Luck Anne, and keep posting.

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