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Second day in on Exante and I'm starving! Logged on to read some posts to keep my mind occupied. It took me all my strength not to lick every piece of cutlery and utensils I'd used to make dinner for my family!!

Third day tomorrow...I know this feeling will pass. :)

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It will pass...I'm on day 6 and I'm not hungry. In fact it's 8.30 and I've only eaten a shake and half the bar. I know i've got to have the soup and the rest of the bar, but I could do without it if it weren't for the nutritional aspect!


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I am on day 6 and still hungry but getting better, the worse thing is the metal taste in my mouth it is really bad I cant stand it !!! any tips to get rid of it x


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I still get hungry as well and I am on day 10 but its not like the raging hunger I used to get pre-exante. I am able to ignore it and just have a glass of water to pacify it!
It does get easier. I just finished week 3 and I never feel real hunger anymore. I do sometimes think I feel hungry but it's a psychological thing so I just have to distract myself.
I really like cooking stuff for the rest of the family - I love smelling food.
Thanks for the replies, really helps. I so don't want to start picking... that was my downfall last year on LL. Still feeling positive though. Thanks guys.

On 7th day today and feel ill...headaches came and went midweek but have came back with a vengence today. Legs ache and I feel really lethargic. Strange cause I expected to feel much more energetic! Used my feeling ill as an excuse to pick at some chicken and then had two cups of coffee with milk! Arrrgggggg... Off to a party tonight but taking the car so I wont start on the alcohol. Water for me and no doubt 100 questions why I'm not drinking! First weigh-in tomorrow so hope my silliness today won't affect my loss.

On a more positive note, my mate came and 'borrowed' some packs to get himself started on Exante prior to ordering his own. He starts Monday.



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Hi G I had all the symptoms you are having but I pushed on with the diet and they just vanished!! its your body throwing teddy out the pram for food but if you carry on it will get used to the idea and adjust, I dont think the chicken will do much damage as its not carbs you should still have a good loss. Tell your mates your driving tonight so cant drink end of story. good luck at weigh in let us know xx
Cheers Mrs B...yep positive head back on although no appetite at all. Haven't strayed again following my blip so fingers crossed.

Morning all....well went to the party last night and sat drinking water watching everyone else get crazy! Got my reward this morning with my first weigh-in - lost 9lbs!! Very chuffed.
I scrub my tongue with my toothbrush too
I have some "retarDEX" pump action breath freshener from boots, which works quite well
but drinking more fluids helps too

but my breath 1st thing in a morning * Phew ! * ;D
thanks miss D and maggie, I went to boots and got a spray I was not sure if I could use them but the one I have got is sugar free x

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