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Stephys Diary :)


i love my family!
Ok so I am on day 3 now and still going without a hiccup which is good for me. Thought I would come back here for moral support and ideas and info!

Today I have eaten
B- nothing
L- lamb chops
D- low carb sausages with sauteed cabbage and bacon
S- small portion of cabbage and bacon, couple chunks of cheese and a bit of a mattesons style sausage (from lidls)
D- had 1 large coffee, 3 cans diet iron bru, 1 pint water, 2 pints of very very weak diluting juice and half a pint of slimline tonic.

Hope I succeed! I also have this dvd called 30 day shred which I am to do everyday, its intense but FAB cos its only a 20 min workout :)
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A good day Steph :) I've heard other people talk about this 30-day shred, very effective it seems... if only I could get the energy to look it up online...!


i love my family!
Thanks both :) I got mine from Amazon, only £7.99 with free delivery, I actually look forward to doing it, but didnt do it today as felt a bit off with just starting Atkins again. Will do it twice tomorrow to make up for it lol


This is for life
Hiya Steph, good idea to start a diary. 30 day shred is supposed to be good - too much hard work for me :D
Not sure if normal menu- but do try to have breakfast as it's important to eat really regularly to manage blood sugar especially when start induction and if poss up the veggies at eg lunch.

Good luck :D

Ps you might feel weak/less energetic in first week or so - be kind to self; once the energy kicks in from ketosis you have plenty of time to exercise. After 8 months i still have to go dancing even though on hols:D
Good luck with it Steph... :)


i love my family!
Thanks all! Got time for breakfast ths morning so going to have 3 eggs scrambled and a couple rashers of bacon.

Lunch is rocket leaves and ham with olive oil drizzled over

Dinner will be a couple of frying steaks with sauteed bacon and cabbage.

Going to drink less sugarfree pop today and up the plain water intake.

Still feeling slightly weak and groggy so will see how I fee later for the excercise front but will deffo be going out a long walk with the kids with it finally being sunny!
Welcome Steph, and good luck!

Hopefully you will start to get your energy back soon - I never felt terrible but definitely more tired than usual and slightly lacking energy for the first few weeks. Am feeling fine now tho :)


i love my family!
Ooooh I have that funny feeling in my mouth......good sign lol! My energy levels must be returning slowly as managed to strim and tidyup my back garden while its sunny. Never know when the weathers gonna turn! Didnt eat breakfast until half ten though so deffo nowhere near ready for lunch yet! Need more water though, only had one mug of coffee today.


i love my family!
Well I managed to do my workout today YAY! Pleased with myself, and I have been on the go all day too. Went to boots today and got 2 of the atkins choc bar things that are suitable for all stages....I was pleasantly surprised how satisfied I felt after it (REALLY wanted something sweet).......hope it doesnt affect my tummy though like I have heard it can LOL. I had it about 5 hours ago now so time will tell......hope everyone else has had a good day xxx
Hey Steph!

Well done on the workout - I am feeling so lazy today, done no exercise at all.

Think I might buy some Atkins bars next time I go to somewhere that stocks them - I've avoided buying them so far, as I'm trying to stick to strictly clean and green. But I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times since starting, so I guess next time I give into sweet / chocolate cravings I'd be better off with an Atkins bar than a regular choccie bar.
Morning Steph, I've found your diary :)

I had an Army mate many years ago who came from Leyland, I wonder where he is now.
Morning Steph! :)


i love my family!
Morning all! Jim what is his name? I could know him! Plans for meals today are
Breakfast - 2 sliced flat mushrooms scrambled with 2 eggs in butter
Lunch - Ham salad made with spinach leaves with olive oil and vinegar drizzled over
Dinner - frying steak and sauteed greens

Will do my dvd and have a go on the new zumba I have for the wii. Had a sneaky peek this morning and I have lost 3lbs since Tuesday morning :)


i love my family!
Emmster the Atkins Chocolate Decadence bar is the one I had. It is very rich! Even my 3 year old son likes it but cant let him have more than a little taste lol


i love my family!
Hope everyone is having a good day! I had a change of plan at lunch, had a portion of smoked sausages fried on a bed of spinach and cos sprinkled with blue stilton and drizzled with olive oil. Simple but so tasty! Feeling a bit tired today so going to give the workout a miss as have a busy weekend planned anyway so will keep my body moving!


i love my family!
Suddenly not feeling good :( Feel a bit sick and just want my bed. I know its a good sign so have to ride it out I suppose! Could murder a nice juicy peach lol
Atkins flu Stephy? snuggle up and get warm don't forget your water love
Morning Stephy ... Hope it's just Atkins flu ... It will soon pass if it is :)

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