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hey everyone :)

i was just wondering how many people who havent had children, have stretchmarks?

im only 19 and have had them for at least the last 5-6 years :( at my absolute heaviest i was 16st but i must have developed them when i was about 12st :eek: will they ever go away? they're really noticeable and a few times people have commented on them and its really embarassing :cry:

they're mainly on my tummy but also on my hips and thighs - is there anything i can do to get rid of them? or am i doomed forever?!

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mine were a bright red colour but now they've faded to a pale silver/white and not very noticeable. I used Palmers cocoa butter. A friend used shark oil and you'd never know she'd had them.


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I don't think there is a magic solution.

There are loads of web sites, google it in. Unfortunately they all seem to want to sell you something.


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I had them on my hips before during my teens...got the full lot on my stomach during pregnancy and with weight gain, I've got them on my chest, arms and shoulders. The funniest thing is...I can't see the ones on my hips now. It's like they've just disappeared...weird!

The best thing is, they really do fade with time. My pregnancy ones were raised and purple-y red and now (12 years later) they're flat silver-y lines. I agree with Fillymum, I've used cocoa butter, coconut oil and tangerine oil for years. All it does is moisturize, I can't see how a cream or lotion can physically heal scars, the best they'll do is keep your skin supple.

I think the only thing I've seen come close to even fading them is laser surgery, and even those results aren't guaranteed. Sorry Emma! You're not doomed though, think of them as battle scars! I used to get really down about mine, especially since they're damn near everywhere...but nothing can be done, so I'm accepting them!
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I use baby oil (unbelieveable quantities of it... my OH asks if we should buy shares in Johnsons, lol) it seems to keep them more silvery than red...

Like has been said, there isn't a magic cure but I do think being sure to keep your skin moisturised helps loads :)


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thanks for all the replies ladies! :)

i wasnt expecting a miracle cure i was just after a few recommendations so thank you for those! im going to try bio oil because i think my mum already has a bottle of it somewhere and see how i go with that, never even thought of putting it on stretchmarks! thanks ellebear :D

louisedan - do you know where you can buy shark oil? ive never seen it before, but then again i havent really been looking lol! :eek: xx


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I'm nearly 25, no children, and have had stretchmarks for a long time now - got some little ones during my early teens when I started developing, but then got more as my weight gradually increased. All on my hips!

I've done nothing to them, but they have faded to a pale silvery colour and are not that noticeable. So they will disappear (almost) with time. Bio Oil is supposed to work on stretchmarks, so might be worth a try.

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I dont use anything and my stretch marks are silvery and faded.
Becasue you are still young, your stretch marks will fade a lot quicker. Ive had mine since I was about 10...Im 33 now and have had a baby!


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Yep, I've got stretch marks mostly around my hips, I'm 27 and have never had children. Luckily they're the very pale type which you can't really see unless you're looking for them.

If it makes you feel any better, my brother-in-law also has very angry red ones on his back and he's a right skinny wretch!! His are from fast growth upwards (he's 6ft 6!)


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I've got stretchmarks too. Mine were due to being on steroids and I gains 3 stone in 4 weeks! My skin just could take the quick weight change, hence the marks.

I have them everywhere, belly, hips, boobs, thighs, knees, underarms to name but a few places...lol

As i've begun loosing the weight the marks don't look so angry and purpley red more pinky (which i'm hoping will fad to the silvery ones).

I've been through bottles and bottles of bio oil, coco butter, and supposed stretchmark creams but like it's been said, I think they're only keeping the skin moisturised not really healing the marks.

I have noticed that the marks on my belly have cause my skin to become different to the rest of me (difficult to explain, like it's loose and wrinkles easier than "normal skin"). Anyone else have this?



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i had them before i had children and was embarrased - but now after kids i wished i hadnt been so worried before as they got sooo much worse, i use bio oil and there silver now.

but my partner is slim and 6ft and he as them all over bottom of back hips and thighs so think the best of us gets them no matter our size!


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I got stretchmarks all over my belly, like pregnancy ones almost, when I was about 15/16, I'm 21 now and they've completed faded to white lines and don't bother me at all, I never used anything on them they just faded on their own. I have them on my inner arms, underarms and my boobs, they've all faded to a light purple colour now (not as light as the belly ones), but again I've never used anything they just faded naturally. I know of people who use bio oil but I don't think they've used it long enough to notice any difference, it apparently works wonders tho.

A mate of mine is a size 8, never had to diet in her life or had kids and she's covered in stretchmarks - think we all get them no matter what eh?!
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I've tried Bio Oil on mine and it didn't do a lot but I tried Botanics Nourishing Body Oil in the glass bottle. It was like trying to rub chip fat into your skin but I think because it's thick and you have to massage it well that the motion helps too.

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