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Stupid and out of control

I can not stop eating I did 9 weeks 100% now for the last three weeks all Ive done is eaten and I'll start tomorrow. For example yesterday I had a packet of chocolate biscuits sweets cake then fish and chips. I even sat in the toilet today eating biscuits I've had kebab and pizza and crisps and sandwiches. I don't know what's wrong with me it's like I'm scared to be slim so confused :-(
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humm sounds like your body's gone into "store mode"
if ive been told right and i probably haven't when ur dieting ur in ketosis which is putting the body into a starvation mode so that it forces it to rely on its own supplies. once u break that and start eating again the body thinks "i don't know how long i am going to be getting food so i will take all i can" and store it there for creating the hunger sensations to keep you eating.
of course i could be totally off the mark.
to try and break this is merely a case of will power to say no and ignore the urge to eat.
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its hard to break a binge hun but you need to be postive tell yourself thats it its done with ok i slipped up but its done now i'm getting back to it cause i'm gonna be slim. don't be hard on yourself forget it start a fresh and most of all believe you can do it. imagine yourself at target everyday.
i have things on my desktop to remind me why i'm doing this and to make me not binge.
on another board a someone put a good post about seeing your self at goal she said
Please reply with the sentence "It is ...(state date you aim to achieve goal). I am/weigh...

and this is what she put It's September 2011. I weigh 10 st 6. Today I bought some size 14 trousers and a size 16 top. Yet another person commented on my weight loss. I have really done it ! I still want to check the scales to see if they are faulty but you cant argue with size 14 clothes!

i found it inspriational.
the post was off bring your head inside and your body will follow board its a great board pop over and be inspired.
you can do this hun you know you can


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Don't know if this will help you, but what you describe was me for many months leading up to my CWP start. Mindless, indiscriminate eating - just as an example, I'd buy a 1kg loaf of raisin bread and eat the whole thing once I got it home - and I could not stop. The only time I wasn't eating was when I was sleeping, otherwise morning til night I was stuffing myself. One day as I passed by the huge mirror in the hall I stopped in my tracks, I never actually looked at myself in it as I walked by it, but suddenly there I was. I took a hard look at myself in the mirror and I broke down and cried, wondering how this had happened to me. I was so completely disgusted at what I saw that I scared myself. I stood there examining my stomach, my thighs, my entire upper body which looked like I was some jackhammer operator on the roadside. It was the first time in a long time that I saw my ACTUAL body and not the distorted image I had in my mind, the one that said, you're not really THAT fat. I realised that I was actually quite obese.
That's when I made an appointment with the CDC and I must say that 8 weeks in I have not slipped up once - every time I've been tempted I think back to how I cried over my self-abused, obese body and that has more or less immediately turned me away from food. I'm not saying it hasn't been very hard at times, but that image will probably (hopefully) be with me until the day I die.
I'm sure there will be some point for you too, some turning point at which you will become strong and you will overcome the urge to binge. Be strong and don't give up!
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I have been there too and still struggling to stay out of it as I am on day 2 of yet another restart. I keep thinking what my CDC said about wanting the diet more than the food. I hope it is sinking in for me. All I can say is, last time I did really well but was always here. Fellow dieters and CDC's here give so much support & it is at your fingertips!

I MUST listen to my own advice henceforth!


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I've been reading Cerulean's blog and she has some interesting things to say about post VLCD and being sooo hungry that you could, quite literally, eat a scabby horse between two bread vans!

The theory is that it's all to do with the imbalance of leptin and Ghrelin that control our hunger.... I'm afraid that the conclusion is that you just have to ride it out and know that a craving is just that a craving.... it doesn't mean that you have to act on it... and it will pass.
Eventually your body will rebalance itself, but being aware of it helps us avoid falling into our cunning body's traps!

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