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Stupidly excited about this I ran for..........

........................... 20 minutes :D.

I'm soooo happy about this I thought I'd never get past 5 so I was over the moon when I was out yesterday and looked at my watch!

It wasn't very far but I did it and I'll only get better :D

Go me!!!

Emma xXx

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Oh well done future. How long could you jog for when you first started? Interested to know as when I lose a couple of stone I would like to sart running again but think that at the moment I could probably only manage about 3 minutes...lol
About 30 seconds lol. I used to run when I wwas younger but as the weight went on it was impossible to keep it up, was doing 6 miles a day back then on average.

When I re-started at the beginning of feb I could literally only do about 30 second before I was gasping for breath!
At the beginning of feb?? Oh my god that is quick improvement. Im in awe...lol
Well done. I will see how much I have lost at weigh in tonight and if sufficiently inspired I may start walking tomorrow and gradually build up.....to the 30 seconds!!
You should go for it hun, just make sure you don't push yourself too hard, listen to your body.

I did a run walk run walk program for a while but was bored so decided to just see how far I could do!

I'm very slow but I'm doing it yay!

Emma xXx
Thanks mate. Good advice...I am gonna try. Will update tomorrow. Possibly from oxygen tent somewhere...lol


Is back in the saddle!
Well go you Yummy!!!

And why feel stupid! I'm not allowed to do high impact, collapsed discs, but I just know I could not run even if I could! IYKWIM.:rolleyes:
that's brilliant Em! Try to do 21 minutes next time. It's amazing how quickly you can build up the miles.
I'm really missing running :-( hopefully be back out on the roads and in the sunshine soon though!!
I can really appreciate what you're saying, when I was younger I used to run 3 times a week, probably a mile and a half at a time. Now the weight has crept on over the years I can't really run at all. Once I'm in a position to start running again I'll look forward to building up the distances like you. Well done.


Surgically happy.
Well done Emma!

On ce you get through the initial difficulties, it's amazing how much more you can do than you ever would have believed.

A few years ago, when i was about 21st, I was at the gym abd swimming. I'd JUSt scrap 10 minutes on the cross trainer but be in pain for 8 f those. a few weeks later, I was doing a gym session like this 4 times a week:

15 mins rowing.
30 mins cross trainer.
30 mins bike
15 mins cross trainer.
15 mins bike
15 mins rowing machine.

And I was doing a minimum of 50 lengths in the pool, 5 times a week as well.

I wish I'd kept that up - but I will in future build up again and then keep things at a level that is sustainable.,

Keep up the good work xxx
well done!
you will be sprinting round that race for life course!
daisy x
Welcome to the MM's running club! :p
well done you, isn't it great when you hit that point where you realise that you have been running, carried on and run some more, and can still go further! It's great!
Well done FYM. Great achievement :D. You will be able to run a whole 5km race in not more than 20 mins.

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