Support Circles!


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You know what its've got all the best intentions, you're living on the forums for all the support and advice and then something happens and the whole thing goes to pot!! :(

Some of us will come on here and "confess" and some of us pick ourselves up by ourselves and get on and some of us say "to hell with it, it didn't work for me" and keep telling ourselves that till the next time we "just have to do something about this weight"!!!

Whatever type you are...nothing seems to work better than having a support circle. Whether it be to keep you on the straight and narrow of your chosen programme or to discuss the head work doesn't matter. It makes us accountable and keeps us focussed on what we say we really want. Amanda (Loopy) and Sharon (Summerskye) have been a constant support to each other throughout their journeys...I believe they met online and didn't know each other is no coincidence or surprise that they have both achieved their goals! (Hope you don't mind me using you as an example, ladies!)

Support circles are made up of two or more - doesn't matter if you're following the same plan or not, your goals for a leaner, healthier life are still the same. I have a support circle and we are in constant contact whether via email, phone, texts, MSN - sometimes all at the same time!!! We offer each other minute by minute support if we need it. Today we're not doing too badly and are doing it 15 minutes at a time....our only aim is to get through the next 15 minutes.

In doing this, I can't believe how far we've come together and we're all achieving our goals....together and stronger for being together.

Form a support circle either with your offline friends or your online friends and make the committment to really be there for each other...achieving. You will be surprised at how quickly the time flies and weight falls off! :) :)

you know i'm always here for you and WE CAN do this!

Yet again you talk sense...
I was just saying to my DH that there's no way I would be where I am without my support circle. The phone calls, the texts, MSN - all of it - makes me feel so much less alone, and so much more capable.

You people know who you are - I'm not gonna publically out you. But I have to say there are no better group of friends than the ones I have, and I cannot wait for that photo of us in our jeans, flashing our dinky asses!! :cool: ;)
Support Circle

I would love to join a support circle - anyone out there? I have re-started SS today for the upteeenth time, doing okay so far.

CW: 175lbs
Mini goal: 160lbs
Goal Weight: 143lbs
Height: 166cm
Hi i just restarted today as well and would love to be part of this.
In order to form a circle...PM those you are partnering with and exchange all your contact details so that you can be sure to be really there for each other - even when things are going great!!! ;)
So much sense and compassion from so many beautiful women.......on the inside and out.:)
Remember to keep these going - they really help! If you haven't heard from someone in your circle for a while - mail them, call them, could be the one to remind them of their goals or vice versa!

Remember "only you can do it, but you can't do it alone!" :)