Support Curly Wurly


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Hi Everyone

I'm not sure if its just a rumour, but since Kraft have taken over Cadburys, there's the possibilty that they may stop certain lines of chocolate - Curly Wurly being one of those. Again it could just be all rumour, but I'd be gutted if they were to stop Curly Wurly !! I bought some this week just to show my support :D !!!!
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NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! They can't take my Curly Wurly's away.....I am off to bulk buy this weekend.

We could start a 'Save our Curly Wurly's' campaign


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NOOOO WAYYYY i have curly wurlys allll the time they cnt do that


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I just emailed kraft to ask them :)


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I saw that mentioned on the One Show, apparently Curly Wurlys aren't a big seller so Kraft might discontinue them.
I'm not a fan of them myself but I know a lot of SW'ers love them.

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Awww No!!!! I have just re-discovered these and have a huge box of them sat in my cupboards at home...they cant do this!!!!


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Funny you should say that, I have sent my husband around 4 different shops over the last 3 days, and none had any in stock!

This is terrible! It was going to be my low syn treat! :(


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I will bravely take on this mission and buy and enjoy Curly Wurlys as and when I can. It's a tough job, but I may be the person to do it!


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I may go buy some now ... in anticipation for the profit on eBay later lol

Hope they don't discontinue them. Probably just saying that to sell more, they are part of the UK institution!!


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Grrrrr not pleased by this. Curly Wurlys have been a firm favourite of mine since I was little, they can't take them away now. I can see panic buying happening in my local area soon haha


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oh no!! I use magic stars as my SW treat, but even still...I would be gutted if Milky Way discontinued those so I can imagine the worry!!!! xxx

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Lol, it's a chinese whisper! Kraft haven't even bought the company yet - the shareholders have another week to refuse. Kraft are hardly going to publish a list of items to discontinue when they don't even own the company yet!


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I just looked on the net to see what Curly Wurly's were, so will have to see where I can get them now. How many Syns for 1 again?


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Wow lots of supporters here eh ! 6 syns each :) They are fab. I think it was on the one show that I saw it too....... I'm putting in some effort and showing my support even if its all chinese whispers :D


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I am supporting them in about half an hour, when I sit down to devour one with a cuppa! Nom nom....:D

(Magic stars are 3.5 syns for a fun size packet btw)