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Susiewoosies numb


In it to lose it
Ok everyone I've bitten the bullet and decided to join in and put my food diary on here. Hope it's not to boring:D

Breakfast: Quorn sausages, 2 eggs fried in frylight, mushrooms, bbq beans, toast (hexb x 2) quorn bacon (1.5syns)

Wish I hadn't wasted my syns on the quorn bacon as I didn't enjoy it. Realy enjoyed the rest of the breakfast though.

Snacks: 2 satsumas, 1 banana, 1 apple and some grapes. Mug shots.

Dinner will probably be pasta n sauce as I cant be bothered to cook today. I will use some milk in it (hexa) might have some cheese on it as well (hexa)

Also have yogurts

Syns pasta n sauce 1
quorn picnic eggs 3

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Mug shots & pasta n sauce are my saviours on green days.. odd cos wouldn't have touched them before I started SW!

I really struggle for snacks on red days...

Try Quorn Deli Ham, and warm it, rather than 'cook' it. Tastes better than the 'Bacon' and is free, free, free! lol


In it to lose it
B: Weetabix (1b)with 2 scan bran (1 syn) crumbled in and s milk(1a)

L: Batchelors bbq supernoodles with soy sauce

Snacks: Fruit and mug shots

D: Double pasta lasagne (recipe on here) salad.

Going to make loads of the lasagne and freeze. (1a and 1b cheese)

Will also have Shape yogurt and Quorn picnic eggs (3 syns)
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In it to lose it
Okay heres todays.

B: 2x shape yogurts and a banana
L: Quorn sausage and egg sandwich. (1b)with tomato ketchup
D: Jacket potato with pasta n sauce (milk 1a) and cheese (1a) with salad

snacks: Fruit, mug shot, Scan bran cake.

Not sure whether theres any other syns I fancy.
Didn't bother with the quorn after all. Had all the veggies tho. Also just had an attack of the munchies for something sweet, so I made a quick strawberry couscous cake. I'm just having some now with total 0% yogurt. Yummy
Not such a good day today

B: Nothing
L: Jacket potato with pasta n sauce (1syn)using milk(1a) 2 dairylight cheese slices (1a)
D: Sushi (5syns)

Snacks total 0% greek yogurt with honey (1syn)
treat size curly wurly and fudge. (6 syns)
Couscous cake.

I have put peas, sweetcorn, onions and mushrooms in with the pasta as well.

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