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SW Supermarket Range!!

haha thats crazy seriously? i thought they prided themselves on being healthy homemade meals? probably still work out cheaper to buy the ingredients and use them each time.. still its intruiging, thanks for lettting us know! xxxxxxx
That sounds handy! I would definately look at using the sauces - as much as i enjoy making my own, its nice to be able to cook something quickly. x
Well they say they pride themselves on using healthy homemade meals - but then sometimes the comparative syn values of things encourage us to use the packets & stuff!

For example the Pasta n Sauces - if I made pasta with a cheesy sauce from scratch, it would have a lot more syns than those. Yet if you look at the ingredients, the levels of flour & fat have got to be similar!


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If that is the case then I'm glad I left class. I've always been seriously against SW moving in this direction and said that I would leave should they decide to to bring out their own food range. They have sold out and I'm glad I'm not a member any more :(


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Interesting one - i always thought that SW prided itself on being a healthy eating plan, and not one of convenience.

However, my other fiends that are on 'diets' laugh at me when i can eat lf super noodles, mug shots, pasta n sauce, savoury rice etc.

They think it's dreadful that they're classed as part of a 'healthy eating plan'.

Fair point i suppose, but i do only use these things as a quick fix, and dont eat them several times a day!
If that is the case then I'm glad I left class. I've always been seriously against SW moving in this direction and said that I would leave should they decide to to bring out their own food range. They have sold out and I'm glad I'm not a member any more :(
I think it's more a case of acknowledging how busy life is for a lot of people, and how far down the list of their priorities cooking a meal from scratch would come.

Personally I prefer cooking real food, and knowing exactly what's in it. But I know there are people who want to eat healthily, and to follow the SW principles, and some of them genuinely don't have the time, or maybe the ability, to cook healthy meals from raw ingredients.

I'm not likely to be buying their stuff myself - except possibly as the occasional emergency supply - but I think it's good if it means that people who would otherwise live of fatty, sugary, unhealthy products get a chance to have something that's a bit better for them.

It might help slightly to reduce this "obesity crisis" that we hear so much about.
Excellent idea for busy working mums who just sometimes do not have the time to cook a complete meal from scratch every single night - thank you SW :) also will stop me grabbing ' anything quick ' that usually turns out unhealthy - will be lovely 'sometimes' to keep in cupboards something quick that stays on plan and will keep the whole family happy
I'd keep some in the cupboard for emergencies. I don't use pasta n sauces or savoury rice, mugshots and the like but I've got a packet of each (probably out of date by now) 'just incase'.
I think it's a good idea for SW to try this because some people buy jars of sauces, ready meals etc. now and syn them so why not buy a SW jar if available. That's what syns are for, not just for chocolate etc.
I think its fantastic :D
Well it will be interesting to see what they bring out - will see if anything is said at my meeting this evening


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Every year for the last 4 years (at least) I've heard SW say this and it's never happened.
They trialled some ready meals down south a few years back and it never took off.
Won't be on my shopping list but it's all about choice, I'll just believe it when I see it!
I wouldn't use them myself, I really enjoy cooking, and love to make everything from scratch. However, I know a lot of my friends would buy them just because they don't enjoy cooking. So for those who don't like cooking, then it can only be a good thing to have syn free sauces or low syn meals. but I'll stick to what I've come to love doing... making everything myself.


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I much prefer to make things myself, but don't always have time during the week. However saying that don't think I'd buy them, maybe to have in as an emergency


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I would welcome some easy option products for occasional use if I have been working away / travelling etc. I hope they do bring out pasta sauces and maybe curry sauces - they can be handy if in a real rush.
They are deffinatley doing it, the warehouse for it all is currently being built lol! I think it'll be a really useful thing for a lit of people.
I think its always just been a matter of time before they did, they must realise as a business its a potential massive market to tap into.

I dont think its a bad thing, people dont always have time to cook things from scratch every single day having an option of a SW sauce to do with pasta would be far preferable to having pasta & sauce etc.

Surely too if they have products which are a Hex option, thats a good thing too. I definitely dont see it as selling out, and its not forcing anyone to change their current SW habits, just giving a few more options - which has to be a good thing

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