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Cruise PV SWer giving Dukan a go!


Fighting the bulge
Hello all,

As per the title really, I am a slimming worlder, i have been for nearly 2 years now. I've lost 2.5 stone but recently have put a stone back on due to my body getting use to the diet and really just felt that i needed to give something else a go!!

My book is on its way and so for now i am going on what i have read until it arrives.

Any comments or general info would be much appreciated and by all means point out if i am doing something wrong!!

So diary for today: 31.10.11
B - scrambled eggs (skimmed milk) & lean ham
S - Seafood sticks
L - Chicken pieces
D - unknown as yet, maybe a curry (made with spices and yoghurt)
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Fighting the bulge
Hi Milton,

Thanks for popping in!! Well Im sure it will be my first mistake of many but as I was unaware of this i seem to have eaten all of them!! There were 16 in the pack.

Thanks again for letting me know!! xx


Fighting the bulge
Good afternoon all!

So Im mid way through my first day on Dukan and of course am finding it a struggle!! I have resisted brownies and chocolate chip cookies which were bought into work today and drink wise have had sugar free drinks, tea with skimmed milk and water!!

Could someone please let me know the score on muller lights? I heard that they were ok but not the fruit ones whilst in the attack stage so have a toffee one ready to go!!

Here's hoping dinner wont be too much trouble!!

How do you know you are in Ketosis apart from smelly breath?

Thanks in advance for responses!! x


Fighting the bulge
Morning all!!

Wow these forums are quiet!! Im use to be a SW girly - its packed in there lol

Anyway, first WI done and ive lost 4lbs!! Down from 11st 11 to 11 st 7!! Its crazy, being use to 1lb a week this is all a bit strange!!

Final diary for yesterday (31.10.11) was as follows:
B - scrambled eggs (skimmed milk) & lean ham
S - Seafood sticks, vanilla muller light
L - Chicken pieces
D - spiced mince with tikka powder, cumin and corriander, 1 spray of frylight
P - Toffee muller light

Drinks - tea with sweetner & skimmed milk, diet coke, water (and lots of it) 1 sugar free energy drink.


Fighting the bulge
Todays diary: 1.11.11
B - fried egg (1 spray of fry light) & Smoked salmon
S - Vanilla muller light, lean ham and extra light laughing cows
L - Chicken chunks
D - Surf & Turf - steak and prawn skewers
P - Muller light toffee

Drinks - tea with skimmed milk and sweetner, SF energy drink, water
How are you finding the diet so far ?


Fighting the bulge
Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your post!! To be completely honest I am finding it quite strange!! Im so use to being able to eat all meat, pasta, potatoes, etc so long as i had 1/3 of my plate salad or veg so to only be eating meat is a struggle.

OH pointed out this morning that my breath is starting to smell!!! I knew it was going to happen though and he was pre warned!!

Well done for losing 38lb!! Is that all from Dukan?

I cant wait for my book to arrive then a lot of my questions will be answered! xx
I lost 7lbs beforehand but the rest is from dukan , best diet I've ever been on and I've tried all of the slimming clubs ;-) make sure you drink plenty of water for the breath lol sugar free gum also helps. Once you get into cruise it's much better as then you can make somegreat casseroles chilli's bolognese etc every other day on PP days I have quiches muffins, home made yoghurt and some sort of meat or fish with cottage cheese. You do get used to it and becomes a way of life ... My hubby even said he can see me managing to stick to dukan throughout Xmas which will be a first for me . If you need help just yell x


Fighting the bulge
Thanks Ellie, that is really sweet!!

It sounds like you are doing really well!! Im trying to keep up with my water as suggested, Im actually beginning to feel a little nausious!!

So do you alternate PP and PV on a daily basis? Ive heard in America its daily and here its 3 or 5 day blocks? Im sure it'll explain in my book once it arrives!!

Could you also confirm if i am allowed condiments? Ive heard that you can have tbsp of tomato puree, low sugar tomato ketchup, mustard and that garlic counts as a 'spice' which i am also allowed - is this right?

Thanks in advance!!
Jess x
You can do it whatever way suits. I do day about but always have a PV day on saturdays as we always eat out so some weeks I have 2 PP & 2 PV days whatever way they fall at weekends

I don't have my book with me so can't tell you about condiments the answer will probably be in the FAQ thread that is stickied on the forum :) you can use herbs spices etc in attack but I think other things are only used in cruise


Fighting the bulge
I have been to tescos and just got myself some cottage cheese and had chicken 'rolls' by putting some cheese in the chicken and rolling it up!!

I have also got some oatbran so its full steam ahead!

I think i will attempt some sort of yoghurt/herb sauce to go with prawns & steak tonight yum yum!!

I havent had my chicken bits yet but have found the 'rolls' suprisingly filling so think i might give it a miss :D



Fighting the bulge


Fighting the bulge
Yesterdays finalised diary: 1.11.11
B - fried egg (1 spray of fry light) & Smoked salmon
L - Vanilla muller light, lean chicken slices and cottage cheese
D - Surf & Turf - steak and prawns (cooked in tikka spices and FF yog)
P - Muller light toffee

Drinks - tea with skimmed milk and sweetner, SF energy drink, water

Dinner was absolutely lovely!! The tikka with FF yog made a bit of sauce which was gorgeous with the steak!!

I had to make OH stir fry which was quite hard for me, seeing all those yummy veges and noodles!!



Fighting the bulge
Weighed in this morning and another 2lbs down, that's 6lbs in 2 days!! Im very very pleased as im sure you can imagine!!

I cant wait til Thursday when i can have some vegetables tho!! I love my veges anyway and have never been much of a carbs fan so pasta, etc isnt missed, just a bit of greenery!

So diary plan for today:
B - cup of tea, smoked salmon slices & oat bran porridge with skimmed milk
L - mini quiches (chicken, cottage cheese, egg, 1/2 onion & herbs) & fried beef, muller light yog.
D - HM dried tikka chicken (which has been marinading over night) & omlette
P - muller light

Drinks - tea (skimmed milk & sweetner), water & SF energy drink
wow Pesty your doing so well. i'm going to steal some of your food diaries. i'm on day 1 off attack today. just came from SW myself as i lost 5lbs in 2mnths!!! hoping to do better with Dukan. keep up the posts :)


Fighting the bulge
Hi Sharon!! Welcome to Dukan!!

Thanks for saying that I'm doing well, Im very pleased!! I always thought i hated cottage cheese, its suprising what you discover you like when you cant have anything else!! haha

Good luck with your first day! How are you finding it so far?? xx

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