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Does anyone here go swimming regularly?
I really want to start going again but have been too embarrassed to (because of my size) for a few years now.

I've bit the bullet and ordered a few swimming costumes (assuming one fits when they get here haha)

Any tips on not feeling embarrased? It's the walk from the changing rooms to the pool and back which bothers me, I always feel like everyone is staring.
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Losing the mummy fat
Hya I love swimming and its a fab exercise!
Can you not go at adult time only? Or maybe a time of day when its just little old ladies?
I tend to suck eveything in and quickly get in the pool lol


Wants to be a skinny mini
swim is one thing i wish i could do :(

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I'm actually a life guard and I had to go to the pool every week and I was bigger than everyone else. I was always more bothered about my legs so what I did was just wrap my towel around my waist and then put it on the side of the pool and get in really quick. You can also get on of those pareos, sort of like a rectangular piece of fabric that you wrap around your waist. They're good too, some of them are quite flattering and long so you can cover quite a bit up.

Hope that helps, enjoy it! I wish I was brave enough.


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I love swimming, but only tend to do it when im on holiday around people ill never see again, at the swimming baths i always feel like im going to bump into someone i know, definitely hate the dreaded walk too and from the pool but i think everyone does, even those with perfect bodies it's just one of those things i suppose! :)


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It's nice just to know I'm not the only one who dreads walking out!

Peachy - it's exactly my legs that I worry about, I'd love to take a towel out or similar - or even wear shorts over my costume, but we aren't allowed round here :( I live in those wrap thingies when I go on holiday though they're fab. Hopefully by the time I book my next hol I won't even be thinking about this!

I'm definitely going to try and go at a quiet time (easy now, not sure about when I have lectures to fit around though).

I just keep telling myself I have to go, so will force myself (and have told the bf to drag me there kicking and screaming if he has to haha)

Now I just need to wait for my swimming costume to arrive :)


Call me Linzi...
I've given up worrying about it... kinda figure the size that I am people can pretty much guess what I'm like underneath my clothes!

I walk out there thinking I am doing something about my weight & am very proud of myself... who cares what anyone else thinks if I feel that good about myself!

It has taken me a very VERY long time to get to this mindset tho!

Enjoy. x


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I dreaded going swimming at my gym - I'm a similar BMI to you and like you I thought everyone would stare, I also have horrible scars and stretchmarks on my legs so I just look a bit of a mess :( however, despite my body hang-ups, I actually found the worrying about it was worse than actually doing it so if you can find the courage I'd definitely recommend just giving it a go, maybe go with a friend the first couple of times, that's what I did and it helped cos we were chatting as we walked to the pool which distracted me from worrying about my body - now I'm OK on my own though I don't exactly flaunt myself about! Anyway, hope that helps a little :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Let us know how your first session goes sugar fiend, I can't believe they don't let you take a towel in there.

I wonder why they have to make bathing suits such unflattering things to wear too. They could only ever look good on really nice bodies you know. The smallest imperfection you have is for everyone to see. Not good. No wonder I'm probably the world's only lifeguard who hates swimming.


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I'm returning to swimming too and I just accept that some folk are going to snigger, that is their nature.

Having said that, I go first thing in the morning. My swimming costume is bright red..not the wisest choice for being anonymous.And to be frank no color is anonymous.

I'd say no matter what you wrap around you, nothing is hidden, it might make you more comfortable and that helps. But over all, the other folk swimming apart from their first glance probably are not paying any attention to you.



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I think towels aren't allowed out of the changing rooms because there's nowhere by the pool you can really leave them. Plus I guess logically if I do that I would be attracting more attention to myself??? By making myself different.

The costumes arrived today and I've found one that doesn't make me feel like a whale so it's all good. I'm planning on going either tomorrow or friday for the first time. I'll let you know how I get on.


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Update - So I chickened out yesterday, but dragged myself there this morning! Turns out the exit to the changing rooms is literally about a meter away from the steps into the pool - so not too bad. It also wasn't full of skinny minnies which was nice for me, because it being a Uni sports centre I was convinced it would be. I felt comfortable enough there so have bought a 6 month membership, now I'll have to keep going back!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Aw sugar, that's terrific! Would it be cheesy if I said I was proud of you? I find that really admirable nevertheless.

See? It wasn't so bad after all :) x


Losing the mummy fat
well done for plucking up the courage & going, there will be no stopping you now!

Great news on the swimming, it is such excellent exercise :) Although you probably don't need this advice now given that you have made it, you could try going 1st thing in the morning or last thing in the evening when all they have is lane swimming. People are far too busy ploughing up and down the pool to notice you and it is full of people intent on exercising, not being annoyingly judgmental.

The good thing about that is that they have lanes depending on how fast or slow you can go - I always get scared of the very serious swimmers getting cross with me so I go off with the grannies!

Enjoy :)


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They have the lanes on most of the time at this pool I think, I'm trying to go first thing at the moment but it doesn't come naturally. I will be finding the quieter times to go though!
Lane swimming at my pool in south London was from 6.30 am till 9am. What I found was that if I went around 8.15 all the people who wanted to get to work on time would be gone, so it was lovely and quiet! Needless to say, I was late for work quite a few times :p

Also end of the day, that last 1/2 hour around 8ish I think is quite good too.