synns carried over ????

Happy Holidays

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I have wine & chocs on a Saturday night with MiL so I always use my syns on a weekly basis. Sometimes on a Saturday I can eat/drink 70 syns, but last night I only had 46.

I have an excel spreadsheet which I use to keep a note on how many syns I've used & have left.

It works for me, why not give it a try & see how you feel. But don't drink so much you forget how many you've had :D


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SW don't advocate it as it can promote binging at the weekend. But that said many people do it. I think you should make sure you still have a minimum of 5 syns a day to make sure you don't feel deprived of treats, and it may also depend when you weigh in. For instance if you weigh in on Monday is a weekend of excess a good idea? Maybe not.