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table for one at black rock cafe

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by dordor, 25 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. dordor

    dordor Member

    hi,it's time for me to take this seriously, been fat all my life and been on a diet all my life,
    so I re joined SW on 10/3/ pleased to say I got my 2 stone award on Monday :D

    food for yesterday, did a green day for a change

    alpen light 3
    2 slices 1/2 fat cheese A
    baked beans with 2 tsp nandos garlic peri peri sauce 1?
    shape yog
    mug shot mac cheese 2? with corn on the cob
    quavers 5.5

    total syns 11.5

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  3. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    posting to subscribe x
    Congratulations on the great weight loss. :)
  4. dordor

    dordor Member

    thank you, will pop over to subscribe to yours in a mo,
    looks like we are starting at a similar point, you have done well too, x
  5. dordor

    dordor Member

    todays food, another green day

    2 alpen light( B) banana

    basmati rice, 1/2 tin asda chick pea dhal, with roasted peppers, red onions, carrots
    mini corn on the cob sprinkled with chilli flakes and lime juice
    cucumber and mint raita.

    packet Tesco crispy fries 4.5 syns

    tuna melt 115g tuna (B)mixed with fat free dressing and red onion, jacket potato with 2 slices 1/2 fat cheese (A)
    fire sweet beetroot and 2 mini corn on the cobs chilli & lime.
    greek style muller light 1/2

    so 5 syns today, happy with that
    dor x
  6. dordor

    dordor Member

    todays food EE

    big bowl strawberry's & raspberry's, with 0% greek yogurt and 35g nutty museli (B)

    then at work someone bought us loads of strawbs with total yog , not 0% though, checked the syns, not too bad 3 syns for 170g at least it wasn't double cream !

    1/2 tin chick pea dahl and basmati rice. apple

    sw chicken pizza cheese as (A) Cajun wedges, large mixed salad
    greek L yog (1/2)

    dor :)
  7. dordor

    dordor Member

    todays food EE

    alpen light x2 (B) banana

    pasta bake made with tinned tomatoes, onions, roasted veg & spices
    large salad

    3 rich tea biscuits (6)

    lamb chops(trimmed off as much fat as I could) jp, peas & sweetcorn, gravy(2) mint sauce
    shape yog

    dor :)
  8. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Sounds yum, can I come over for dinner? ;) :)
  9. dordor

    dordor Member

    you would have been very welcome
    lamb chops were lovely , don't buy them very often because they are so expensive & by the time I had cut all that fat off there wasn't an awful lot of chop left, when I saw all the fat chopped up in the dish( to give to my neighbours cats,) it turned my stomach, to think in the past I would have crisped it up and devoured it !
    dor x
  10. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    I would have done exactly the same!
    Now if I have any fat on meat it goes straight to the dogs.
    I almost cried giving them pork crackling. lol :eek:
  11. dordor

    dordor Member

    food on Saturday

    2 wholemeal bread(B) -1with sliced tomatoes and cheese (A) 1 with 2 tsp marmalade (2) counting it as 2 as the weren't level !
    1 banana
    took my mum out for lunch at the harvester, knew I was having chicken & new potatoes also had 2 small rolls and 2 pats of butter, then I had an icecream.
    I thought that will do me for the rest of the day, but had the munchies later on, instead of getting something proper ended up going into the kitchen every 5 mins, so also had 2 packets crispy fries (9) 2 alpen L bars (6) and a small bowl of fruit and fibre with milk.

    so food for today,
    3 ryvita dark rye (got another 1 for later) (B)
    25g philly lightest (1.5) sliced ham and sliced tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar
    rich tea biscuit (2)
    tea will be spaghetti bolognaise, made with ex lean mince, & lots of superfree veggies.
    doughnut peaches and a shape yog

    so I am going to eat a bit later so I don't get the munchies later, in the meantime better get on with some ironing :sigh:

    dor x

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