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ProPoints Tano's last stone to go on ww


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HI all! I've recently lost 24lbs on the Cambridge diet and that has been in 10 weeks. Im really pleased with what I've achieved and have a final 13lbs to go. I'm joining weight watchers to do this on Monday and am moving from the cd forum to this one as I know I couldn't have done it without the support I've had on here!!! I'm currently 10 stone 6 and started cd at 12 stone 2! My goal is 9 stone 7 and I would like to get there now with food. After 10 weeks on cd, I've well and truly had enough and have learnt a lot about my eating habits and food in general. I look forward to reading your diaries and getting encouragement. :)
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My first meeting is tomorrow at 5:30pm. I'm sooooo excited about it! Looking forward to some "real food" again! Been reading lots of your diaries and finding out the points of foods I like too. I'm also looking forward to getting back to the gym and exercising. Going to wean myself in slowly tho with the exercise and gradually build it back up.


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D-day is here!!! I'm sure I've gained since my last weigh in on cd and I weigh in the mornings there whereas ww is at night. I'm not going to worry about it too much tho. I've reset my signature as this is a fresh start on ww and I feel I need to track from tonight's weigh in. I've even talked my friend into joining with me for extra encouragement. I'll post start weight later and begin my food diary from tomorrow :)


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Thankyou :)
Weigh in went well, starting at 10:3.5 and have set my goal as 9:7. Downloaded the ww app and am going to plan tomorrow's meals in a bit :)


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Day one: week one (Tuesday)

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
White coffee

Lunch: mackerel in spicy sauce on 4 crackerbread

Dinner: piri piri chicken wings with rocket and cherry tomatoes

Total: 29PP


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Had lunch with my Friend who started with me. Went shopping for a few bits. Loving the freedom of choice on ww! So exciting!


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Ok so tomorrow I'm planning on a little swim in the morning. I'm going walking with my friend tonight too to get a few AP's in there. Also... Going to a friends for lunch tomorrow and she's doing picky bits such as hummus, pitta, rice salad, raw veggies, etc. She knows I'm on ww so she's made it quite ww friendly bless her!
I'll point lunch after I've been so I can try and measure it accurately

Week 1: day 2
Breakfast: coconut mullerlight
Tesco light choice forest fruit and raisin bar

Dinner: chilli con carne (no rice)

Milk allowance for hot drinks

Leaving 11 for lunch. Will snack on fruit only if needed :)
Hi stranger, just popped over to see your new diary and how you're getting on now you've abandoned the 'dark side':p It's lost some of its sparkle without you!

Here's to you losing that last stone! :)


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Ahhhhhh CG I've missed you! Day one has been fab, just did a 70 minute walk with my friend to earn some extra activity points. Hows CD going lovely? X


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I think I'll sleep like a baby tonight! Thy walk has definitely worn me out!!! Nite all


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Morning all! I definitely did sleep like a baby, was lovely!!! Planning a little swim later on, probably going to do 30-40 minutes. OH came home from football last night and I was in my gym stuff an he said I looked really slim now! Jaw hit the floor moment, he NEvER says anything like that haha! Was sooooo nice sitting down to dinner together too rather than me watching him eat while drooling and starving (on shakes) lol. I'm making a chilli tonight and it's nice to be cooking again. There's some really good recipes on the app, anyone got any recommendations? X


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Ok so I've planned for tomorrow
Week one: day 3
Breakfast: special k clusters & milk
Activia yogurt (kiwi)

Lunch: tuna with balsamic vinegar

Dinner: cheese and mushroom omelette with ketchup with rocket and cherry tomato salad

Milk allowance for drinks

Still have 5 left whoop :D

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