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Target Slim

Hi hun, no sorry haven't heard of this one, and Lipotrim is only £36 a week in the UK, which is cheaper than Target Slim (I suspect though that you are not in the UK)
No Im in Ireland so thats in euros but just started today and the shakes are really nice and you can have sugar free chewing gum on it. you are my first comment and your goal date is my birth date so taking that as a good omen

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What part of Ireland are you from? Galway girl here! :D

I'm curious about this Target Slim, I've never heard of it before.

I can't seem to find any info about it on the net, and I've never seen it for sale anywhere.

How are you getting on with it so far?

Where did you get yours?
I have just spoken to a friend who started this 2 weeks ago and has lost 12lbs so she really recommended it am about to go check it out they sell it in Bradleys Pharmacy in Blanchardstown S.C. in Dublin so wish me luck!
Im in Tipperary and the pharmacist told me this a new product. The websites arent up and running yet but if you try Bradleys chemists in Dublin they might be able to give you phone numbers. On day two dont feel a bit hungry just tired.


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Oi, stop those tears. You should be smiling because you are never going to be that weight again. :D

Good luck for Friday. :)

Ali :)
Hi, I've joined minimins today because I'm due to start Target Slim on Feb 8th 2010, thing is I can't find any information before hand from the net or anyone else who has heard of it?..Apparently it comes from Eire and is similar to Lipotrim which i've had previous sucess on but could no longer afford. Anyone got any info they'd like to share to a confuddled English person?

Many Thanks. x

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First weigh in today and im down 12 lbs im thrilled and it is the boost i needed. Am loving the target slim shakes now theyjust take getting used to. My chemist said their website should be ready soon:


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S: 19st10lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 4st9lb(23.55%)
Congratulations. That's a great loss. :D

Ali :)
Hi I am about to start Target Slim on Thursday. Im hoping to loose 4 stone as i had a baby nearly 8 months ago and the weight has just not shifted yet. I have previously used Lipotrim and it really worked. I didnt put the weight back on till i got pregnant and ate for ten lol. But yes fingers crossed it will work again. Target Slim and a lot of pram pushing. Sounds good to me. : ) (good luck everyone xxx)
I do a boxercise class twice a week and go to the gym other nights, more to get me out of the house between 7 and 9 which i find my hardest time. i found the banana flavour shake lovely and i dont even really like bananas.Valentines tomorrow and i cant eat or drink,i forgot how much i base all these big occasions around food and drink.the biggest thing is to drink lots of water.i only realised this week the only person that can ruin this for me is me so that kind of gave me a boost.This is only for a few months but it is going to give me my life back as i wouldnt go on holiday or even out with my partner as i felt too self concious. My biggest reason is that over the last year my two kids have been diagnosed with autism,my 6year old with a more severe case and i need to get healthy to be around for a long time. Sorry for all the rambling
aww ur not rambling. i admire you for your reason to loose weight i know it must be tough sometimes. luckily my fiance is working tomorrow so it wont bother me too much. :) but as you say it is only a few months and we will be gorgeous at the end of it. well i hope anyway lol. i have lost nearly a stone in two weeks. i need to loose 3 more to be a healthy weight. i dont want to be in the overweight section or the obese section anymore :eek: i was a size 12/14 before i had my baby 8 months ago and then i thought i was fat, how wrong was i!!! i put on 3 1/2 stone during pregnancy so now i want to be 12stone which is healthy for me as im 5ft 8. fingers crossed we get there soon. good luck xxxx:):):)

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