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Team 13 - Shape Shifters Official Thread

Thanks for taking on the 'leaders' post Pretika.

I am coming to the end of day 2, although my weigh ins will be on a Tuesday. I re-started yesturday with some packs I had left from before and went to see my CDC today as she only works on a Tues and Thurs.
I have had porridge tonight and added some nutmeg to it and it was LOVELY. I had tried it without and found it a bit funny tasting but it is great with the nutmeg. I shall be be having that every evening from now on.
I know I'm weird having 'breakfast' in the evening but need the comfort of eating!!

Good luck for tomorrow girls!
Hiya glitterbabe-I'm on day 2 and had a porridge today. I liked it but half an hour later I suddenly felt hungry! I wonder if it was the porridge. Anyway had a banana tetra in a big mug of strong coffee for tea and it was lush!

My weigh in will be Mondays. Is that okay coz I could change it if everyone else does it on another day.
It might be the porridge that makes you feel hungry because of it being like proper food instead of a drink.
The norm on here seems to be water, water, water and when you look at the weightlosses there must be something in it!! lol
Hiya all. OK start of day 8. It was difficult getting out of bed for work this morning... maybe because it is getting darker.. Got the kids ready and had a fruits of the forest shake - Very nice. I am going to try the porridge Tonight.. Hope you all have a good day.
OK all - this is what I need from you to calculate our figures

- Last weeks weight
- This weeks weight
- loss for the week.
So for me it would be

Last weeks weight : 13st 3lb
This weeks Weight: 12st 12lb
Weight loss for week : 5lb

Hope this is clear: If you prefer to Private message me you can do so..

I need to submit this information by Tomorrow morning - so would ask if I could have all your info by Tonight.

i am going to weigh in tom to find out exactly how much i weigh only restarted yestereday, think i am 11st 12 but not sure

oh and well done 5lbs off good for you
Good Luck Ladies!!
Hi All, my day has gone better than I thought it would. I have had a day off today and although I have been quite busy, I have spent alot of time at home which is normally a trigger for me to eat but I haven't so am very pleased with myself!
Am also pleased that today is day 3 for me and I am in ketosis, yay!

Only on day 3 so weight is 13st 4lbs (186lbs), no weight loss till next week.
Yay, GlitterBabe :)

Not a happy bunny here but only myself to blame. Have just come back from my weigh in and I've lost nothing! :(
Have made the decision not to have any bars from now on. I have a smaller loss when I have them and they just stimulate my appetite(had lettuce and chicken on Saturday and chicken with a small amount of veg on Sunday-nothing bad but not the plan!).
My CDC said she was sure I had lost something and she was right really as I weighed myself when I got home, went to the toilet(sorry, tmi) and then reweighed, only to find I was 1.5lbs lighter lol
Sorry to let you all down.
I am aiming for a 5lbs or more loss next week now :)
Hi All. I mailed Irene Yesterday, I think that it would be a good idea if we start Next week. That way we have a full week to work on our losses and it will give you all a chance to get your numbers to me. She is OK about it. Hope thats ok!
HI All again. Just caught up on the posts. Amanda dont worry about the scales saying you have not made a loss...Its all dependent on how you feel .. and as you say you probably have made a loss. Your weight lost over the weeks is amazing, I hope I can acheive some of what you have..

Tried the porridge yesterday, and I must admit it wasnt too bad. at first i thought that it was too sweet...but eventually I got used to it. I did mix it with a little more water then recommended...
Heelo all,
Sorry couldn't get online yesterday. Think it's a good idea to satrt next week as we'll all have had a weigh in. by then.
Shame I didn't have a computer last noight as I got really hungry, was all alone- and to my shame stuufed my sefl with a chicken sarnie and choccie bickies. It was only day 3 so how pathetic is that?!
Anyway- am back on track today and kicking meself in the rear!!
Hope everyone else i doing okay!
I think it's a good idea to have a full set of results next week Pretika and hopefully I'll get a good loss :)

Ah Shrinkle, next time just have the chicken if you get desperate and leave the bread and biscuits alone :) Easier said than done, I know :)

Hope you're all having a good day. I've only just had my second shake as the hot water urn at work has made them taste disgusting(that's why I thought I'd have bars last week). 2 litres of water down so far. Will squeeze in another 2 if I can and have my hot chocolate shake around 8pm :)

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