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Loves weight.. training!
Hi ladies, as we are getting busier here, and are from lots of diets along the way, I thought it would be nice to get to know each other a bit more :) Call me nosey I don't mind! lol

I'm Jane, 37 and mum of a birth daughter aged 10 and an adoptive daughter aged 4.

Something about me... hmm I love animals and would love millions of them :p I try my best and have a pony (new forest), 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 6 chickens and lots of fish! lol

I love rock music and am a bit 'alternative' :D. I even did my tarot cards after my scan results to see what they had to say :)

So.. what about you?
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im gemma 28 living with ian we've been together 9 yrs, we have 2 daughters age 8 and 6 and a son whos 4, i've just found out yesterday im expecting again with number 4.

i also love animals and have 2 dogs, a collie and a mongrel, i also have a cat.

the kind of music i like is killers, snow patrol, beyonce and take that, i've always got the radio on.

im gonna try my best to eat as healthy as i can through my pregnancy, not diet as such but with being 20st if i eat healthy and lose abit along the way then it can only help.

looking forward to getting to know you all.

Gemma. xx

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Loves weight.. training!
Aww i'd love a cat but one of my terriers has a hatred of cats - we lived in a flat with a small courtyard garden and he used to chase them out of the garden when he was a pup.. it's stuck now! lol


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I'm Shelley, 29, and live in Wirral. I have a son, aged 8, and this is my husband's first child.

I've had a gastric bypass, and reached my target weight, so am now trying very hard to maintain my weight and stop losing.

I'm classed as a high risk pregnancy, so have lots of extra scans and hospital appointments. Also, I'm having daily heparin injections to reduce the risk of miscarriage, blood clots and stroke.

I would love a little girl, and can't wait to find out the gender. Am nervous of the whole pregnancy thing mostly as I'll be starting again with an 8 year age gap :eek:

I work with looked after children, but am signed off at the moment following some early spotting.

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Loves weight.. training!
Hi Shelley what do you do with looked after children? I'm a foster carer :) have been for 5 years now. :) We've a 10 year old at the moment.. I say at the moment - was supposed to be a possible long term but unfortuantely she has other ideas and her behaviour is causing problems in our household at the moment. Mostly with my 4 year old who is struggling with it all.

Hope they manage to keep on top of your conditions with the medication, must be a bit worrying for you both.
Is your band the type that is 'filled'? I don't know alot about them I must confess, just wondering if it could be relaxed a bit while you are pregnant.


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I don't have a band, I had the bypass, which is permanent and like the old stomach stapling procedures. So there is no way to alter it through pregnancy, and it's much more restrictive than a band as i can't eat high sugar food as it makes me ill.

I run an Independent Visitor service, so i provide adult befrienders to LACs who don't have quality contact with their parents. About half of the yp's I work with are in foster, the rest in residential.

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Loves weight.. training!
Ahh i see, sorry really not up on it all! lol Really hope you can work round it to stop you losing weight though, must get a bit worrying then.

The visitor centre sounds a great resource for foster children. Its' really hard with our girl as she is very open to anyone, and we've had to intervene with strangers she has befriended.
I'm Lisa and I'm 37. I'm married and have 2 girls aged 9 and 4. I gave up work when I had my youngest child and love being a fulltime mum.

I lost approx 5 and half stone on the cambridge diet last year and got within 2lbs of my goal weight, so hoping not to gain too much during this pregnancy.

The only pets we have are fish, although the girls would love a dog, we did plan on getting one this year but think we will wait now until baby is a little older.

Lisa x

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Loves weight.. training!
Lisa, Wow am seriously impressed at the weight loss you achieved! :) whatever you gain it won't be 5 and a half stone! and Cambridge will still be around. :) that is my plan to return when I am finished having baby and recovering. :)

We got our first puppy when our eldest was 4 and he is fantastic, gets on brilliantly with her, and has been great with all of our foster children. Our 2nd dog is 2 and a half now, and great with the kids but being a jack russell a little more excitable and prone to 'leap' into the air in excitement. :p We keep the dogs apart from the girls when the house is ultra busy but together when times are calmer, just a gate in the kitchen, but it teaches both the girls and the dogs respect.
Hi Im Lisa. Been with Robert now for 9 years. I have a son from a previous relationship, hes 15!! So will be 16 when the baby arrives. Then i have our daughter whos 4. And then the baby when it arrives... I'd love another daughter, but I no OH would love a son. Time will tell, but id love to no to be more organised with colours..

We have a dog, hes just a wee puppy staffy got him in november. 2 guinea pigs, and fish. My little one would love a cat. So we'll see about that in the future.

I dont really listen to any music in particular. Love anything depending on my mood. And only really listen to music these days when driving.

At present im a bank nurse. Was working as a school nurse until april, but it was only a secondment and its over now. I then did infection control, so now am ready to go back to the wards which im dreading as its so tiring and i feel sick at the thought!! So im unsure what to do. In 2 minds of asking to be put on the admin/clerical bank until the baby comes
Hi all,

I'm angie, live in Cornwall with my other half of 9 years, thought about trying for a baby for last 2 years but didn't get round to losing the weight (was between 17 and 18.7 stone in that time period)...did cambridge lost 4 stone, thought we'd try for a baby and fell immediately =)

this is my first pregnancy, otherwise just have a beautiful cream husky called bear... who is our fur-kid! I work in the nhs & am thinking of taking a year out, maybe longer, not sure yet. Hubby is a builder, so it might depend on what the building trade is doing, so far he's had no problems, got projects back to back. I love gardening & am growing veggies properly for first time this year. I would also like to get back into doing pottery sometime. That's me folks! =)

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Loves weight.. training!
Hello all! :)

Angie, your fur baby sounds Adorable! I love husky's.. one day I'll own one but not as yet! lol
bear... fur-kid

here's a pic taken at christmas, with the coast of st agnes in the distance and one on christmas day


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Loves weight.. training!
Aww he's adorable! That shot on the coast is amazing the lighting is great :) And he looks really intelligent :D.
my pooch

he is! think sometimes he's trained us, not the other way round!



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Hi all I'm Lisa number 3 and like the other 2 Lisa's I also have a 4 year old daughter oh and I'm 26.
I met my partner online 7 years ago.
I'm from Manchester originally but moved to Stoke to be with my OH.
We've only ever had 1 pet, a Chihuahua which we had to give away because our daughter is too clumsy and kept standing on her tail or tripping over her :(
I've had my 20 week scan and the scanner is 95% sure we're having another girl

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Aww how lovely you're on another team pink! lol And an internet romance success! :D

I'm really hoping for a team blue this time! lol just hope my sonographer plays ball when I get that far! lol
Hi all
I'm Alison (Ali) 38yrs old married for almost 11 yrs together 18 yrs. We have a boy who's 6 yrs. I'm a holistic therapist and still doing the odd client for relex and ear candles.

Totally unexpected unplanned pregnancy found out at 27+2 had to wait just over a week for scan and was hugely surprised to find out I was 28+4. As I have lots of illnesses and been on high doses of meds so keep her quite.
We dont have any pets.
Have only had time recently to sort out everthing and do tons of washing so no time for listening music only the chill-out stuff at night to get my BP down.

All I can say is dont let your little ones ask Santa for a baby for xmas as Santa does sometimes DELIVER !!!!

wow moonflower, congratulations! I would think it must be a bit mad being over half way there without knowing it =)

good to have you here

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