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Just been food shopping at Sainsburys. Ive got well used to just gettign what i need and not going down aisles that will tempt me so thats fine....until my mum decides it would be a good idea to go to the cafe for lunch. Sat thru her having ham chips and egg and the wee boy having chips and a cake. All sorts of thoughts were going thru my head "maybe the soup would be ok, or what about an omellette"...but i resisted. Did have a diet pepsi tho, not allowed but they had no bottled water left.....so it was the best of a bad bunch! Feeling VERY pleased with myself lol x
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Oh well done! Ham, egg and chips is one of my fave meals! Hence me being fat lol!
Well after me being tempted soo much and resisting i decided to have a WS day and have a low carb meal....chicken salad. didnt enjoy it, which leads me to think the "hunger" was all in my head as only ate a tiny bit and the rest got binned. Would have been better just sticking to TS lol....lesson learnt! Still tho, no damage done as i did follow WS guidelines! x
No idea hun! The chicken smelt fab when cooking, the salad looked really nice but when i sat down with it i just wasnt hungry. Been rushed off my feet all day so am mega tired, that could be it, maybe left it too late to enjoy it! Think from now on i will keep some packs of wafer thin chicken and roast beef just incase, but not plan any more WS meals just yet. Think i would have enjoyed my shake more to be honest x


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I guess its more of a mental thing than you actually wanting the salad phyiscally.....Im no expert though! haha
The shakes are my least favourite to be honest,I really like the bars and soups but the shakes are a bit of a chore to get down.
Nevermind as long as we stay on track.


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I think 90% of hunger is in our heads anyway so youre not alone.
I must admit im a bit worried about the weekend,really hoping i dont get tempted by anything!
Its been ok through the week when Im busy and stuff....sure I'll be alright.
You feeling the same ?
Im not really so bad at the minute cos my work contract ended a few months ago so apart from running around after my 3 year old im not working at the min! So unless i have plans a weekend is just the same as any other day! Hopefully you can keep yourself busy!

Have to admit, i do miss my saturday night takeaway! So saturdays are a sore one, but just got to keep focussed eh lol x


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I bet your 3 year old keeps you busy to say the least! haha
As for takeaways....its got to be chinese....special chow mein..yum yum!
What am I doing????......lets not talk about food! haha
Oh yes hes full of energy, dont know where he gets it from lol! Keeps me on my toes alright!

Got to be chinese, yum! Half portion chicken curry and fried rice, half portion chips (like the best of both worlds lol)...ice cold tin of coke! Damn...stop it lol, food porn is not allowed haha x


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Haha...great minds think alike!....youre right,have to have chips with it!!!...what was I thinking???? haha
nice chatting with you but was up at 2.30am so off to bed....dreaming of chow mein now proably haha
Take care
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well done babystar! i was just reallyREALLY close to getting some chicken om my way home after a night out (1 glass of dry white) but somehow managed to walk past. having a cup of bouillon now instead!

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