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ProPoints Ten stone here I come :)

Hi guys, been yoyo dieting for a while and have decided to try weightwatchers as I never seem to last on diets that cut out loads of things! I'm 5'7 and I weigh just over 12 stone. I used to be ten stone but I've piled on the weight!! I'm hoping I can get some support here and give others support:) so here is my food diary! Feel free to make suggestions or tell me if I'm not pointing things properly!!

Tuesday 01/11/11

Scrambled eggs (4) with half a slice of easy single cheese added (1). Two slices of brown bread (4)

Pack of Snax (2)

Omelette (4) with 40g of cheddar (5) and two slices of honey and spelt bread (4)

Pack of Walkers baked crisps (3)

Extra points added for butter on the bread and oil for the omelette (5)

TOTAL-32/29 weekly points- 3/49
3 extra points used :( I'll get the hang of it!
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Wednesday 02/11/2011

Two slices of honey and spelt bread (4) with two low fat cheese triangles (2) (I'm a cheeseaholic!!)

Tikka chicken WW wrap (8) 7up free (0) and pack of snax (2)

Beef medallion (5) with homemade mushroom sauce (5) and green salad (0) with balsamic dressing (2)

chopped mango and pineapple...yum! (0)

One small bottle of Aldi shandy (does anybody know the points for this? It's only around 0.5% alcohol and it's the small green bottle) I'm going to guess 2!

TOTAL: 30/29 Weekly points:4/49
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Thursday 03/11/11

Two boiled eggs (4) with two slices of honey and spelt bread (4) with small amount of low fat butter (1)
Coffee made with two sugars (2)

Pack of Walkers baked crisps (3)

WW chicken and lemon risotto (9) and 7up free (0)

Chopped pineapple and mango (0)
WW chocolate wafer (2)

TOTAL: 25/29
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Two boiled eggs (4) with two slices of honey and spelt bread (4) and low fat butter (1)

Baked potatoe from cafe (8?) with slice of cheese (1) and small amount of bacon (1) Green salad (0) tomatoe (0) brocolli (0) small amount of feta (2) and pinenuts (1)

Diet coke (0)

Burger bun (4) with small Birdseye chicken burger (3) one cheese slice (1) and lettuce (0) with low fat butter (1)

Chopped pineapple (0)

2 points over
6/49 weekly points used so far
I'm going to try not use all my weekly points this week as I'm not sure if you still lose weight if you use every single one of your points! I'm going to try only use a small portion of them anyway and see how it goes :)
Hopefully i stay good tonight as I'm babysitting and they always leave out loads of yummy things for me to eat while I'm there! I havn't had alcohol since last Sunday so I'm proud about that because usually I'll have a beer or a glass of wine when I come in from work/college.
My biggest worry at the moment is the weekend. Today and tomorrow I'm staying in my parents house and visiting my grandparents etc. I usually binge when I'm home so I really have to avoid that. Going to go for a walk today and try to think positive about not eating my own weight in food this weekend! Sunday dinner will be the death of all my points :cry:
Feel really disappointed in what I ate today. I wouldn't be surprised if I have a gain next week, and it's only my first week on ww. I'm sick of people telling me I've put on weight recently and I'm tired of not liking every picture of myself because I look so much bigger in them than I used to. Wish I could just stay within my points :confused:

Saturday 05/11/2011

Two poached eggs (4) with a small wholemeal bap (3) and low fat butter (1)

Cream of vegetable soup (8?) with two slices of brown bread (4) and butter (2)

WW chicken curry (8)

pack of mini hob nobs (3) and small handful of pringles (2)
coke zero (0)

TOTAL: 35/29
12/49 weekly points used
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I might have a sneaky weigh in today. What do other people do when they feel like WW isn't going to help them? I shouldn't have used any of my weeklies :( :sign0163:
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Hi, I too am doing WW on my own at home, it's hard, Ive been off the wagon all weekend, but you know what, I'm just writing it off, and already planning exactly what I'm going to have next week. Ive got a few ww meals in, ww bagels and french fries in for lunch at work, and oats so simple porridge sachets for breakfast at work.I find if I pre-plan for most of the week, I find it easier to stick to. Don't give up, ww does work, just look at some of the stats of people on this forum. Thing is, it takes time, and it's hard to stick to some days, but treat it as a long term thing, and you'll get there. I started dieting at new year, and ive only managed to lose just over a stone, cos Ive yo-yo'd a few times, but hey, just over a stone off is better than another stone on, which it would be if I hadnt bothered trying at all!
Thank you :) I needed that! I think I've convinced myself it won't work because it's not half as strict as any other diet I've been on. I love the everything in moderation idea and I'm just going to have to embrace it instead of convincing myself it won't work just because it allows for bold things like chocolate etc!
Oh don't give up. Honestly we all have days like yours where we think what is the bloody point??? I agree with Karen, it's all in the planning. plus the 49 weeklies are there to be used, you don't have to feel guilty about using them.
Even if you do have 1 dreadful day just start afresh the next day, don't give up or let the guilt bring you down. one bad day does not need to mean one bad week...
we are all in this together xx


Kerry's pregnancy diary
Hi there, just been reading ur diary. Ur being way too hard on urself, ur doin great n you've hardly used any of ur weeklies! Most weeks I use all of my dailies and weeklies and still lose! the 29 is minimum u should eat n although 49 are optional most people lose more when they use them! Keep with it hun xx
Thanks guys :) so great to have support on here. I had an extra bold day yesterday used most of my weeklies :eek: But we'd been planning a stay in night with chinese and wine all week so I didn't mind too much! Feeling better about the diet now after all your kind words! Points reset tomorrow :)

Sunday 6th November

Two slices of rye bread (4) with two cheese singles (2) low fat butter (1) and one banana (0)

one mini Cadbury caramel (3)

Sweet and sour chicken dish (12) with boiled rice (12)

Rose wine (19) :sign0007:

TOTAL: 53/29
24 points over
36/49 weeklies used
I ADORE rose! Was only going to have half a bottle last night but I couldn't help myself :rolleyes:

Gonna have to save my weeklies this week for another bottle at the weekend!!

Monday 07/11/11

Bowl of So Simple Oats with skimmed milk (5)

3 wheat crispbreads (3) with tin of sardines (5)

Mixed platter of fruit (0)

WW beef and red wine casserole (7) with a few spoons of cheddar mash (5) 7up free (0)

WW caramel cake bar (2) and WW chocolate wafer (2)

weeklies used...zero!..whoooop :D
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My points reset today :) I'm not able to weigh myself though as there's no weighing scales in my new apartment. Gonna have to wait till the weekend till I'm at my parents house. Don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing!

So week 1 I used 37/49 weeklies (counting a point extra for a bit of skimmed milk in tea a few mornings)

Bring on week 2!
Went a bit over board on WW food today. I like to have them in the press because their handy for counting points but bought a few bits at a discount place yesterday so was trying them all today!

Tuesday 08/11/11

Two boiled eggs (4) with two slices of brown WW bread (2) low fat butter (1)
Coffee with two sugars (2)

WW tomato soup (2) with two slices of WW brown bread (2) low fat butter (1)

pack of Snax (2) and can of diet club orange (0)

WW sweet chilli chicken meal (8)

Cadbury flake yogurt (7)

TOTAL: 31/29
2 points over, 2/49 weeklies used

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