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Text typing!


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Sorry if this offends people that type as if they were texting, but it is a serious bug bear of mine!
I understand people abbreviating when texting, for financial reasons (I still write correctly though) but why do people use that when posting on a forum? It is not going to cost more. Is it laziness?
It may take a mili second to type two or too instead of 2, or back instead of bk. I often have to read posts a few times to try and make sense of what is typed.
I have had business e-mails when people used text type and, as far as I am concerned there is no excuse for that!
Does anyone get as annoyed as me?
Perhaps I am just old fashioned. :eek:
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No, you're not old fashioned! I HATE it too. To me, it's pure laziness and I find it very sad that so many of today's younger generation (god, I sound like my Nan - I'm only 33!!) are unable to write and spell properly and can only communicate in 'txt spk'. I actually find it very hard to read!
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I am with you too, it drives me insane. Sometimes I put items on freecycle and if people reply in text speak, or with no capital letters or punctuation, I automatically exclude them from getting the item.

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Wot do u mean tht u dnt like txt spk??!!

Totally with you on this one! Admittedly I can be a little lazy with some words but for those that do it all the time... Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Jane Austen will all be turning in their graves xxx


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I'm a trainee teacher, and I'm obsessed with good grammar, spelling and punctuation. To be honest I hardly write in text speak when texting! Children today have awful grammar and spelling, so many write as they do when texting or using MSN - drives me up the wall! :mad:
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Oo, i think i may be at fault with this sometimes.. and i have to admit it's pure laziness. I type at the speed of lightening so i don't know why i bother to 'text type' sometimes.. I think it's habit .. ( however you should read some of my OH's texts.. i honestly can't understand it sometimes!) my text typing is only an occasional word here or there, so i hope you'l let me off :p - because you love me so *flutters eye lashes.. * x


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I am so glad I am not the only one!
I think a lot of us make some grammatical or spelling errors, but that's just fine it's the text speak that truly makes me grrrrrr. I think it's best for me to just ignore those posts, to keep my sanity!

Awww Fern, I don't mean you... I have never even noticed text speak from you...
after all you are an angel, and angels don't do text speak...so you are let off, eyelashes and all, and yep I love you so :D:D


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Nope you are not being old fashioned - I am the same - it drives me nuts sometimes (and I have to admit that sometimes I can't figure out what someone is saying either...), if you want to write then do it with proper words & sentences!
No you are not alone, it drives me insane as well and I like others, don't even bother trying to understand what some people are trying to say in their posts, it can be very hard work sometimes to try and work it all out. There is no excuse for it within the forum x


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Yes I'm with you on this one - it's a debate I have quite often with people and have heard the argument that language evolves - always has done and always will - if you look at the way Shakespeare wrote it can be difficult to understand! I can barely understand what my 14 year old granddaughter is talking about when she texts (although I love the fact that she does!)

I am guilty of using 'lol' though and abbreviating but I tend to punctuate if I do - as in tho'

I also have to return and edit a post for a typo sometimes too!
I am amazed to read all these posts and find that so many people feel the same as I do. I thought it was just me!

I can just about accept it in text messages as they are not usually too long - although I never do it myself and mostly my text messages have correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

If I see a posting here which is in "text speak" then I usually don't bother to read it. It's the same with abbreviations - half the time I don't know what people mean by them. I am sorry, but I just assume that the writers don't care whether they are understood or not, so why should I bother?

I too check my messages on forums, and will go back and edit them if there are errors, or if when I read them again they don't quite sound the way I meant them to.

All of which probably makes me sound very pedantic and boring. If so - good!!
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Hehe, i know i know.. so angelic i truely am, its hard to believe i would occasionally do such a thing! Love to you also ! xx

Debs, my youngest sister is 13 and since i'v moved from home she occasionally text messages me to keep in touch, i end up reading it over 4-5 times, it would appear even what i concider 'text talk' is 'long hand' now, i can't make sence of anything she says.. its like everything is triple shortened! lol


Trying again!!
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What I cant fathom out is the text speak which isnt actually any shorter than the way the word should be spelled... what the heck is the point in that lol
Yes Starlight - letters added on to the end of every word as in

'Who aree youu ?' - what's that all about?
I really don't like it and I think we are in danger of breeding a generation of poor spellers. I just don't see the need for it.
Grumble grumble.....


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Oh it drives me crackers! I might occasionally shorten a word or use a variation in spelling to make it obvious I am joking, because forum conversations are often misconstrued, and it's best to make it VERY obvious that you are speaking ironically, or being sarcastic (about the subject not at the person).

I deleted my niece from Facebook, because she typed nonsense!


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Oops I am bad for it! Will try to do better, just so out of the habit of typing properly. Sorry folks!

Much calm down on my overuse of exclamation marks also!!!!!!!!!

I remember a girl that I went to University with told her mum that she could miss out some vowels when texting, that was what young people did and that she would still be understood. However her mum took it a step too far and removed EVERY vowel from her texts that she sent. It was hilarious trying to work out what she meant, and seriously hard work!


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