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The 100% club

Hi too all first off and welcome to the weight watchers support section!
This thread is for anyone that need support and encouragement to stay on the points or core plan 100%, if you slip up it dont matter, get straight back on the wagon. All you need is too have a positive attitude and the will to suceed.
You must fess up if you have eaten too many choocies or crisps - honesty is the best policy. We can do this ladies if we stick together.

If you would like to join pm me, if you want your losses adding let me know and maybe we could do a slimmer of the week?
Anything else you want too add to this section let me know, improvements are always welcome!

And a new rule is being added that no serial weighing is allowed either as the scales tend to stay the same for a while and people get disheartend then the plan goes out the window! stay off them till weighing day and get a nice or...not so nice result!

Saraian24 xxxxx The best of luck to my weight loss hoes :rotflmao:


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nearly there!! :)
ah this is cool hunni well done xxx 100% all the way!!
Karenlou signing in. 100% from now till Monday when I go to Filey for a week with my OH and the dog - hoping to get lots of exercise points in walking on the beach with the dog.

So - done quite well today I think although it's only 8.30 and I'm out of points. OH has band rehearsal tonight so I'm going to go with him and listen to the shouty punk rather than stay in and want to eat.

I'm taking my laptop with me to see if the mobile internet works over there so will post again in an hour if I can get it to work x
Ive been 100% for 2 days now, was hungry this afternoon though. Think i might to spread my water intake throughout the whole day instead of just drinking it in the morning, ha some cereal and that but it was within my points.
Didnt have the duck in the end, was far too many points so opted for steak instead.
I've allowed myself extra points today as it's WI and I like to have a treat. I seem to be able to 'balance my budget' as it were by having a few extra at the beginning of the week and then a couple of points fewer the rest of the week.

Must remember I have a short week this week so will need to take it easy though - I don't want to be in a position when I can't make them back up.
Glad you all approve and if your having a bad day you can come on here and vent. Emotional issues have a lot to do with womens eating habits more then men, theres no grey with men is there?


likes posting.
Id like to join please.Im having a good week so far its my weigh in tomorrow.Last week i put a pound on so im hoping ive shifted that & some.
Hmm i know this sounds a bit silly but ive got on the scale and im still the same!! iv stuck 100% and surely it should of shifted down by now??? ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!


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S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Oooo can i join! altho ive not been 100% up until today i am turning over a new ww leave from now till w.i on tuesday xxx


nearly there!! :)
ok as a member i should admit so that i am off the wagon today!! cannot stop!! hoping though cause im away from tonight hoping i can grab points back i will get a loss i prom xxx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
yey its finally here! well iv only prob had 8 points so far today, and may 0 point soup for dinner..still feel like crap and don't want to eat too much xx
I've had mine today already. Though I only had all my points this afternoon and evening - i was so busy tis morning with dog proofing the house I forgot too eat - so this evening i had a massive chicken cassorole with dumplings! was high in points so glad i saved a few points from lunch! Have stayed on the wagon again though today, im quite shocked at myself!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
god sara you're doing amazing lady! throw some of your motivation this way! for my dinner i just had an egg, bacon and mushroom really fancied it for some reason, but didnt have huge amount as still feel sick but thought it best i eat xx
I know i know ishouldnt! i guess i go on them though to make sure i havent gained weight. Still no movement. Im cutting down too 24 points aday and see if that makes a difference to me this week.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
im the same sara, on those damn scales everyday! but i need to go on them just like you to check im still on track. although it is frustrating what with it fluctuating most days. its strange for me because on cd i weighed myself everyday and pretty much everyday i was a lb lighter *sigh*


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Can I join in too? i've been struggling the past week. had my boyfriends parents over for dinner at the weekend and made a lovely - but mega points meal. Managed STS at WI on tuesday but haven't really got back to my points properly this week.
This weekend I'm off to st Andrews for an overnight as my OH is doing a parachute jump (he's mad!) So as my reward for standing around all day a nervous wreck while waiting for him to jump out of a plane, i get a night in a gorgeous hotel and lovely dinner. no way i'm eating light tomorrow night.....and then there's the temptation of the hotel breakfast!! Oh god, i'm terrified i gain next week and its only 3 weeks till my hol's!

I can't resist getting on the scales every day too. its just too hard not to and i feel like it keeps me on track...although it does vary ridiculously somedays.

Think if i pig out all weeknd and starve monday and tuesday, i'll still lose at WI on tuesday night?? aaaarghhh!!!

Nic x

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