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The bars!

Hello lovely ppl,

Hope u r all well.
Just after a bit of advice. Decided next week I'm gonna buy 3 or 4 bars. Never had any before and am curious as to what ur favourite flavours are? I'm not really a fruity person but pen to all suggestions! I just don't want to buy any and then not like them! So wots ur favourite? Wot was a no no? And wot made u puke? :D
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I had the toffee one and the chocolate one, both gross.... the first bite was alright, but after that the texture just wasnt right and a real chore to get in, took me hours to eat them. So I didnt bother with the rest, I hate peanut flavoured things anyway, so didnt bother with that, but sometime I might try the cranberry one, just to see, I think its more of a flapjack texture which might be ok
I bought bars for the first time this week and I absolutely love them! I bought chocolate, caramel and peanut! I really like them all, the caramel is just like a very soft chewy bar coated in chocolate, the chocolate has almost a milky way consistency inside and is coated with chocolate and the peanut is a bit more chunky with what appears to be actual bits of peanut in it! The only thing I would say is the caramel and chocolate are stupidly chewy and get stuck in your teeth.....the peanut was actually my favourite, which really surprised me, followed by the caramel and lastly the chocolate.....

I would definitely recommend you give them a go!
And here's another bar lover..

I can't do without them..Chocolate, Caramel and Chocolate Orange are my favourite, Cranberry is nice too but I shudder just hearing the word peanut so they are out..

I always find it amazing how different people's taste is. Some loathe the bars some love them..

Give them a go...



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i also love the bars. i have one most days now.
i buy every single bar except peanut (chocolate, toffee, caramel, orange, cranberry).
i like to grab 4 bars (for example a cranberry, chocolate , orange and toffee) then i cut each one into quarters and take one quarter of each bar and cut the pieces up into small nail size pieces . then i put them in a lidded pot and shake them up and sit and eat my pick n mix style as i watch tv in the evening. :)


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i thought they were all a bit yukky and i love choc , the manitol was great for getting the bowel going thou !!! lol. personally i hate cranberry but found they were the nicest bars, not too sweet . i used to have half a bar at a time , something then to nibble on . i bought a variety of flavours of them and strangely enough i have 4 half eaten bars in the fridge still, since october..... but been off the diet for a few months . must throw em out . starting cd again monday .
I only like the toffee one, or is it the caramel one?!?!?!?!? I dunno I suppose they are both pretty much the same lol but they're ok x


has started again!!
Malt toffee ....yeurch! Chocolate, choc orange ...mmmmm Cranberry....yum, Peanut...... ok if desparate!


Must do it this time
Oh I Cant Be Without My Bars,
I Have Tried The Malt Toffee And Peanut Crunch,i Loved Them Both But I Get 7 Every Week.
Now I Get The Peanut Because I Found The Toffee Didnt Last Too Long But I Have To Say If You Like Peanut You Should Like The Peanut Bars Them And The Cranberry Are The Ones With The Most Texture To Them,so Every Night When The Kids Are Gone To Bed I Treat Myself To A Litre Of Water And A Bar Its My Little Piece Of Heaven,if It Was Allowed Id Have The Bars All The Time,
Elaine X


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I have 7 bars a week too! I LURVE them! Fave=malt toffee, cranberry and peanut ones are lovely too, like them all infact!! (except caramel tasted a bit salty to me!)
I put them in the fridge, they are SO nice when they are hard and cold! AND take a bit longer to eat LOL !
I can't believe people manage on just the shakes - i've been having a bar a day from the start. The peanut ones are a bit like a snickers and the cranberry ones a bit like a ruffle bar - yum yum. I have them at night sitting watching TV and i feel like i'm getting a treat. I think without the bars i'd have gave up long ago, would have missed the chewing action!!

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