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  1. blush

    blush Full Member

    :welcome: this is the GOod Friday challenge.
    APril 10th is good friday thats 80 days away,

    the half way mark will be pancake day in 5 weeks time:D

    so everyone who wants a buddy,a chit-chat, motivation, and place to monitor your progress and others along join here!!!
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  3. Dawnio

    Dawnio Member

    Hi blush i am up for that what do i need to do my firrst weight in is on Monday..
  4. Yummy Mummy xx

    Yummy Mummy xx Full Member

    Im up for that need a challenge! x
  5. katty

    katty Silver Member

    hi i would like to join aswell please. my first major goal is the end of april so this will be an ideal challenge to get me started. i weigh in on a monday : )..... sorry wrong forum haha, need to get used to all the different diet forums
    Last edited: 20 January 2009
  6. nearlythere

    nearlythere Member

    i'm defo in! :wavey:
  7. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

    Blush, I'm in -

    Mia - 13st 6 1/4
  8. Bijoux

    Bijoux Fat Fighter

    I am deffo in. I would love to lose 59lbs by then. We can all motivate each other between now and there.
  9. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

    I'm in :D
  10. simplylucy

    simplylucy Full Member

    I'm in, I'd like to lose 28lb by Good Friday. Not sure if that is a daft target or not!
  11. hobekat

    hobekat Full Member

    :) Count me in.........

    second weigh in today -3.5lbs (totm) so not bad........

    Week 1 = -10lbs:):):)
  12. alexmummy07

    alexmummy07 Silver Member

    im in too, i'd like to lose 30lbs by then.
  13. girlalex

    girlalex New Member

    I'm new to the site, only joined up today as need some motivation!!

    So please count me in!

  14. blush

    blush Full Member

    oh im soo happy

    :girlpower:we have a good bunch here to get going, to those who are new to cd all put your start weight in and date and each week how much you have lost , we will add up how much collectively we have lost on pancake day the half way mark.

    so everyone get you bottled water and start glugging away!!!!:talk017:
  15. blush

    blush Full Member

    hi mia
    i see you had a blip iin your start, dont worry or put yourself down about it, rather than keeping restarting day 1, just see it as a blip and carry on counting the days and back on ss as soon as possible. i did 2 weeks of ss lost 11lbs but then had a bit of steak with my hubby! what can you do in those moments? brush it off and carry on your still eatign a reduced caloried diet so will still loose weight, get back in the zone of weight loss and carry on ssing xxx
  16. redscarlet

    redscarlet I can do this

    Aha found you all. Please count me in I'd like to lose 30lbs by then.

    Start date: 19th Jan 2009

    Diana - 14st 4lbs

    Weigh in day, Monday.
  17. blush

    blush Full Member

    hi dawnio how was your weigh in session? put your start date and weight and mini goals up and start ssing!! come on here for a chat someone is always around to pass on tips experiences etc good luck x
  18. blush

    blush Full Member

    hi diana, alex, hobecat, simplelucy,alexmummy,sarette,
    bijoux, moomooloo , yummymummy,mia and everyone else that is joining up,

    good luck with your first second or third week.
    Good Friday here we come!!!:17729:

    May the Force be with us!!!!
  19. Mia

    Mia Skinny girl in a fat body

    I am going to stick in today. Yesterday I had about 2oz of them little frozen salad prawn things and about 20 Quality Street chocolates :(. But today I am going 100% SS - I CAN DO IT
  20. blush

    blush Full Member

    ive removed all chocolates biscuits etc etc from my house to resist temptation as its so easy to just have a nibble, i keep looking at the cheese in the fridge, hope someone eats it before i do!
  21. Dawnio

    Dawnio Member

    Thanks Blush will do that, only had my starting weigh session so wish me luck for monday comming.. so far soo good !

    Started 19 Jan
    Weight 12.04

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