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The Last Straw

Hey Everybody!

I have been on here in the past but have decided to rejoin having gained more weight to take me upto 16st 1lb.

I used to go to WW meetings but I've decided just to do it myself and get weighed in Boots there's not quite as much pressure! I've been 'good' since Monday but an encounter with my OH's uncle who informed me I should be ashamed of myself and he'd drown himself if he looked like me (!) I am defo in need of a minimins fix!

So now, here I go again lol...

I'm on 25 Points a day which shouldn't be too hard surely!!
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Is he an alco or something?! I had an ex-OH years ago whose father was an alco and used to say nasty things all the time...Just coz he was an unhappy, lonely man...it's sad but hun, that guy is just projecting his problems onto you! Yes you should lose weight like all of the rest of us on here and most other people in the world! but from your photo you look GORGEOUS! So never mind him! x
I think he's a bit slow to be honest...well that's what I'm telling myself. I was literally gobsmacked!

Thanks Siobhan although I really don't feel it at the moment!

And Starlight...thanks for the welcome back feels like home already :Dxx


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Thats an awful thing for him to say, we'll make him eat his words in a few months time, good luck with your weight-loss were all here to help x
OMG that is shocking what a dreadful thing to say to somebody

Could you maybe help with the drowning ??

you may be over weight but you would never treat anyone the way he has treated you

oh let me at him
Omg hun, welcom to minimins and screw that other *******! Smack him in the gob next time pig headed git.

Lovely too meet you! xxxxxxxxxxx
Haha thanks everybody you made me chuckle :)

I can't wait to lose this weight so I can put a (skinny) finger up to everyone!

I don't understand why people feel it's ok to say things to overweight people, it's not as if we go up to people and say 'by the christ, you're ugly'!

Anywhoo, I'm over it now it's just made me more determined to stick to it I've just had an Asda Good For You Tikke Masala which was FIT for 6.5pts and now I'm going to have a cheeky glass of wine hehe.

Not too many tho as I have a job interview at JJB Fitness Club tomorrow...on the juice bar obvs I won't be applying to be an aerobics teacher just yet. Feel a bit obliged to say to the interviewer 'I know I'm fat but I need a job!' just in case they wonder why the hell someone my size applied for a job in a gym!

Anyway, stuff the lot of em I'll be thin soon!
So the interview actually went well...I basically blagged my way through it!

It's only 15 hours per week but free Gym Membership so thats a bonus :D, just have to wait and see now fingers crossed!

On a less positive note I am having a bit of a blip day...I had cheese on toast from a butty shop and a pot noodle I feel soooo guilty. I'm going to get back on track now tho and draw a line under it straight away rather than wait for it to turn into a whole day of bingeing. I think I'm going to start reading 'The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl' for the tenth time it always gets me inspired :).

Hope everyone's having a good day :) xxx
Hey Gem,

I'm ok caved and had a chippy last nite tho so I'm having a guilty day haha. See you're doing fab you'll defo be at that weight for your hols! xxx
Congrats on getting the job, and I echo what the others have said bout the comment! xxx
Hey ladies!!

I lost 3lbs on my monday weigh in which I'm chuffed to bits about!

Unfortunately i seem to have lost my way a tad but gettin back into it now!


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