The Magic dress every woman will want


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This was a well written article I thought.

It lifts. It slims. It smoothes. And it's set to be the next fashion must-have. Bryony Gordon is the first woman to wear it - and is amazed at the results
Forgive me if this reads like the work of a woman who is irritatingly self-confident, verging on arrogant. It is not my fault; the fault lies with the dress I am wearing.
'I am transformed into the kind of woman you might see painted on to the side of a B52 Bomber'On an average day, I have a healthy self-loathing for my body. Like many women, I curse at it, torture it and, above all, wish it wasn't mine. But then I was asked to try on Marks & Spencer's new "Magic" dress and, in moments, a £75 piece off material did what years of dieting couldn't: it made me love my body.
Let me explain. M&S is the place to go for body-shaping underwear that sucks in your stomach and shapes your thighs, and now it has gone one step further and built the technology into outerwear - skirts, jeans, tops, dresses - too.
But unlike the underwear, which usually resembles something your grandmother might choose, this stuff looks quite good. In fact, the dress has something of Roland Mouret's Galaxy - the frock that caused such a stir last winter - about it, which is apt, because Mouret's creation also incorporated body-shaping technology.

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We have missed the closing date for the competition, but I think I will be first in line when the dress hits the stores in is gorgeous and if it delivers the fantasy I will be one happy bunny!!!
It's already in the shops mini and other items in that range...pencil skirts, jeans etc:cool:
Look like smart jeans rather than the normal denim.

The only problem with them, is that I can see them pushing any fat up and over the top:eek: Perhaps not though.
It's already in the shops mini and other items in that range...pencil skirts, jeans etc:cool:

Really, will have to check it out to see if they have arrived in Galway.

It will be a nice treat for me to have it hanging up to motivate me along the way.

Could do with some nice jeans big time.

Dom was saying that pencil skirts are all back in!!!

This time round I want to be more feminine as I have lived in pants and jeans forever...give me a bit of glam.

Been an eighties housewife too long...still stuck in the past:(

I have got the hair (nearly) and the shoes...just the figure and a little bit of makeup adjustment!:rolleyes:
Gonna check this range out online!!!