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The new addition.

We have had real summer storms here today. Thunder, lightening and very heavy rain.

We got up from our siesta and DH asked me could I hear a kitten crying and as we have 3 14 week old kittens I was quite scathing in my reply. No he said. Sounds younger. He looked out of the kitchen window and exclaimed, I do not believe it !!! There in the torrential rain was a little , black kitten. It still has it's umbilical cord attached and it's eyes closed. DH, being the person he is, vaulted through the window, stark naked, I might add, picked the little scrap up and brought it back in the house. It was frozen, wringing wet and crying like the babe it is.

First thing I did was to dry it thoroughly and stimulate some warmth back into it against my own ample bosom and under my wrap.

I heated some skimmed milk through filled a small syringe and fed it milk. DH found a piece of sheep skin and made an igloo type container for it to sleep in. It is encased in wonderfully warm and natural sheepskin.

DH will sleep in the spare room tonight with the Kittie and with luck on our side we will raise this scrap. We have already introduced it to our Alpha female cat and she was good with it so perhaps in a few days she will take over. I do not think she has milk left but I am sure if she has she will care for it.

I hope it survives and how it got to us. I do not know. Our nearest neighbours have a black female, perhaps she brought it to us, I alreadyfeed her as they don't give a dam about her. She didn't look pregnant but then she is a naturally skinny cat. We haven't seen her for a week, so it could be hers. If it is what a clever cat to bring it where she knows it wil be cared for and not drowned as I am sure her owners would do,

I will take some photos over the next few days if it makes it through the night.
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Oh, keeping my fingers crossed for the new addition. I am sure with the love and care that you will undoubtedly give the little babe that it will grow into a big, strapping, happy cat x

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Keep us posted on her progress hun xxx


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I hope kitty makes it!!!
So far, so good. It is taking milk from a tiny syringe and is amazingly strong with a good loud mew.

Tomorrow I will make up a formula for it with egg yoke, glucose and milk.

DH has said if it survives, and I am sure it will, that we will keep it. He wants to call it Spirit because the tiny little scrap is fighting so hard for it's survival.

Photo's tomorrow.
My very DH was up twice during the night to feed a very demanding and strong kitten.

He is still with us this morning and does not look like bowing out so I guess we have another cat !!!! I will try and get some kitten formula today . If I can't an ex RSPCA inspector who is in my Facebook group has sent me a recipe to make up. It is so simple, just egg yolk, glucose and milk.

He refused to sleep in the basket last night and spent the whole night asleep on Paul's shoulder..........my turn tonight. Knowing Paul he will want to do it himself........... he is totally under Spirits spell.

Life in this house is never dull !!!!
awwwwwwwwwww!!!Tell him he's my hero!Why cant I ever find a man with no clothes to rescue me !!

The secret is hide them.............. the clothes not the men........they have no choice then. Life becomes so much more interesting.

I am just happy his dangly bits were not damaged.......whoops this thread is supposed to be about a great little Spirit, not educed to gutter level by me.........it's fun though !!!
I've been following this post since last night and I'm so pleased the wee one is doing well. I have a little black cat of my own up in Scotland with my partner, I'd dread to think of anything happening to him :(

Stay strong Spirit!
Really hope the kitten continues to make good progress. Spirit is an excellent name.



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So glad that Spirit has had a good night. He sounds a strong little fellow and you have named him so well - he is a real fighter. Do you have any photos yet?


Wishing and hoping!
aw I am so pleased your little kitty is doing so well, cats are the best and I love my two (one being black and the other with black patches) more then human beans x
I am so pleased. I managed to get some Kitten Formula and the cutest little feeding bottle and teat . His next feed is in about an hour so we will see what he makes of it. So far he has taken all we have given him of ordinary skimmed milk.

Isn't it amazing, he has wormed his little way into our hearts in less than 24 hours and we would be devastated if he didn't make. It isn't as if we don't have any animals !!!!

Are we nuts or what !!!!!!

Photos before the end of the day if I can remember what I have done with my camera.


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Wow thats actually made me a little teary. I'm so glad the little one is ok, hopefully with you caring for him, he'll thrive. I'd love another cat but my current little monster (bella) is so spoiled, she would never allow that.

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