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The 'New' Sunshine Group Thread, join us for fab support!!!!!


just thought I'd start us off with a bang :)
Lol you, I hope everyone else finds us ok xxxx
Clairey you have to get a pass out, you just have to!!! it wouldnt be a natter without you!

I love it Sarah, you being a roadwatch lady, I think thats about right for 5 in the morning lol :)

A fighter pilot Suzie!!! Get you!!! blimey thats a brilliant one!

I actually wanted to be an actress, and still have aspirations. I'm more into my singing though now...... Oh I would have loved to have been on stage in the West End....... *jo wonders off into dream world....
Ok, thats our entertainment for the november meet sorted......we'll find a karaoke for jo lol xxxx


wannabe yummy mummy
Haha Sarah I love that.
Jo with the confidence you'll gain from losing weight the skies your limit hunny x
oooooooooo Suzie, dont tempt me... you cant stop me when I've had a sniff of alkifrol and a karaoke machine about!!!!!!! I love it!!!
We had karaoke at my wedding reception..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Claire - with the cdc hat one. You would generally move up 1 plan after 12 weeks on the same one.
After the last couple of weeks I've been ss+ for 3 days and the 4 days before my WI doing SS. It seems to be working ok for me.

Are you thinking of changing. Your doing fab. just keep going
Jo I love karaoke too, although Ive noticed since Ive stopped drinking my voice isnt as relaxed x

Is everyone ready for me to cancel the other thread now? xxxx
Here you lot are ... :)

Glad we started a new thread - thanks Suzie for sorting it xxx

I wanted to be a singer when I left School - I to lllooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee karaoke me and you jojo :)
Vickie at least you got to see a few :) I woke up about 1.00am and thought about you and wondered if you were still out there !

I'm now practising my karaoke special...
ooooooooo brilliant, I feel a sing song coming on!! there are some evenings where I chuck on my singstar and have a good old belt out of some classics! cant be too bad as the kids manage to stay asleep.... most of the time
Lets do Karaoke!!!!! Me Margie, Suzie!!! We could be the Temptations!!!
Sarah whats your special song???? and arent you a sweetie thinking of Vic in the wee hours awwwww! :)
and maybe I meant the supremes????? werent the temptations blokes???? whoops!
Just caught up again. My work is really getting in te way of posting on here at the moment.. hehehe

Suzie- many thanks for sorted this new one out

I'm more than happy to not go to the Theatre when we go to London. I'm go with the mojority. nice meal and pub afterwards for a laugh and a face to face chat sounds fantastic to me.

Claire - Put today behind you and move forward, it's happened now so let's concentrate on tomorrow onwards

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