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ProPoints The Start of A New Year...by the end of 2012 there will be a NEW me!! =)

Hiya All

Well after countless years of fighting with my weight ive decided that this is the last time that im going to do something about it...Im not going to a weight watchers class but i have found alot of information on the internet on the points of stuff etc. If at any time i have pointed anything wrong id be grateful if someone can tell me the correct points value if they know it.

Im going to do my weigh in on a Friday....means i can enjoy the weekend a little more without worrying about a Monday weigh in lol.

Well here goes...day 1 of my food diary...not sure on a few of the points though....


2 slices toast 4pp
2 Laughing Cow
light triangles 1pp
Strawberries 0pp


Nutri Grain Bar 4pp


Roast Potatoes 6pp
Steak 7pp
Onion Rings 4pp
Brocolli 0pp
Cauliflower 0pp

Chocolate Cake 7pp

Total Approx =33pp
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Thank you :) Still unsure of points and stuff but im sure il get there....hope your doing ok :) xx
Hello Hun :)

Found ur diary

Feel free to ask any questions and I will help if I can :)

The only thing I would say is that sometimes two pieces of bread is 5pp... but depends on bread I guess... xx
Day 2 - Monday 13th June

Daily PP's 30
Weekly PP's 49


1 slice warburtons toasted 2pp
1tsp Marg 1pp
Banana 0pp
Skimmed Milk 1pp


2 Wholemeal bread 4pp
Tuna (45g) 2pp
1 spoon light mayo 1pp
Satsuma 0pp
Lowfat Yogurt 3pp


WW Sweet & sour Chicken 9pp


Salt n Vinegar Snack-a-jacks 2pp
1 Jaffa Cake 1pp
Can Full Fat Irn Bru 3pp??

Total Daily PP's 29pp
Weeklys 3pp
Yummy! Think cans are 2pp

Keep it up xx
Hey Carly....thanx for that....i wasnt sure what to point it as....thats why i went for more than i kinda thought - just to be safe lol.
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Welcome Susan!i do ww at home too but would def recommend u buy the ww books and calculator, makes it so much easier! u can get them on the shop on the ww website. good luck!xxx
Thanks for the advice :) How much are the books and calculator? x
I got the deluxe pack for about 23 pound, its got the calculator, eating out guide, shopping guide and a couple of other bits. its definetely worth it, would find it really hard without it xxx
Good luck getting books etc xx


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Hi.... welcome welcome... I am a newbie too... only on my second week and loving it..

Food looks good... I am like you.. not going to a class or doing it online... so we all help one another out.

I was looking at the teams for weigh in losses and doesn't seem to be many running so have just started one if you want to join ..someone will come along and tell me no now haha but I love the support of it all.

Good luck and speak soon xx
Ok so yesterdays diary is a bit of a disaster lol..my shift on a tuesday means i dont get lunch so i tend to have a huge breakfast but then still hungry come dinner... but here goes...

Day 3 - Tuesday 14th June


2x Warburtons Thins = 6pp
4x Bacon Medallions = 3pp


Apple = 0pp
Wotsits = 2pp


Baked Potato = 4pp
Cauliflower = 0pp
Cheese Sauce = 7pp ??

Cornetto = 5pp

Total PP's = 27pp...going by a guess for my cheese sauce....so will just say bang on 30pp for the day.

Day 4 - Wednesday 15th June

Daily PP's = 30
Weekly PP's = 49 (Used 3)


Special K 30g = 3pp
Skimmed Milk = 1pp
Banana = 0pp
Strawberries = 0pp


Warburtons Thin = 3pp
Birdseye Chicken Burger = 4pp
Lettuce = 0pp
Tomato = 0pp
Cucumber = 0pp
Tiny Spread of Light Mayo = 1pp


Pork = 5pp
Potatoes = 3pp
Broccoli = 0pp
Brussel Sprouts = 0pp
Carrots = 0pp
Gravy = 1pp


WW Chocolate Biscuit = 2pp
19g Bag Wotsits = 3pp

Total PP's = 26pp

Id be grateful if anyone can correct any mistakes that ive made on points values :)

Looks good hun :) x


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Looks nice... how you getting along today? x
Hope ur having a good day x
Hey all :) Thanx for your messages...im doing great today ta....been a busy day...just on here quickly for a quick check before bed....il update food diary 2moro....hopefully along with a weight loss...mind u its only been since sunday but i think a Friday weigh in sounds the best lol. x

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