The "whatever" Exercise Challenge


Lives here....
Hi everyone.

Right I've been inspired. @craftermary is doing the squat challenge but squats scare me so I've decided to do a 30 day hula hoop challenge.
I hereby challenge myself to do at LEAST 20 mins of hula hooping each day for 30 days.

Join me with whatever exercise you choose at whatever intensity level suits you. Choose your challenge, whether it's to go longer or better or to just do "whatever" a little bit each day. It takes 21 days to break or form a new habit apparently so this can be your new habit.
I started tonight as a precursor to doing it through August

Totally out of practice and forgot it causes major bruising initially.

I look like I've been in a car crash. A car crash that just affected my left hip
Ok, found the right thread.

I commit to 30 mins of walking/cycling/swimming everyday - getting back to the gym or just around the village

I want this weight off!!
Ha! Love it. I've woken up to the mother of all bruises on my hip now. I've ordered a lighter hoop as think I'm too much of a delicate flower for the hard core one I own. I may need an alternative exercise for today until it arrives! Not the best start. Maybe I'll try the peas too!
Day one everyone

Let's make some new habits!!!!
Woohoo! Day one and I ran 4k. I will not do it everyday- so I'm going to copy Ruth and alternate activities (lol at the neighbour waving!)
Tomorrow I might do mushy pea tin arm exercises and tricep dips. 20 of each!
Bruising doesn't sound so good Sam- I've only done hula hooping on the Wii so no chance of that. Could you mimic the action for today without a hoop?!
Yeah but what would MY neighbours say haha.

That's amazing @RosiePops im very envious!!

Yes maybe I'll do that or run up and down the stairs for 4x5 mins or something. Or I'll do 20 mins of sit ups. I'll find something but it won't be the actual hoop today. That's gone on gumtree to help pay for the new one.

Which TBH is much jazzier and prettier. Not that that's why I bought it. Honest. ;)

It's half the weight so hopefully less damage


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Yikes that's a rather serious bruise @lickthelid ! Ha hope the new one comes soon, I think there's one in my garden somewhere I might try and find it.
I don't think it's weighted but I will heed your warning re the bruising.
Feeling a bit stiff post-run but good to get back at it. This is just the kind of challenge I needed!
I'm going to take my measurements in the morning to see if there's any difference by the end- anyone else doing this?
I've not because my tape measure doesn't go that high. Haha only kidding. Might do mine later :)
I'm excited about my new hoop arriving. If it's doesn't hurt so much I'll enjoy it more
I await a lighter, gentler model :) I've got hand weights so when dinner has gone down I'll do some bicep curls and some sit ups :)
Ouch that's a serious bruise! I walked my half hour today. Cleared my head a little after a busy first day back at work.

Looks like we've all done well today :) X