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The worst day yet

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Today has been the worst day so far. I'm having severe cramps all day, constipated, pain killers arent much help and i've taken 7 laxatives over the past 4days and still nothing. The pain was so bad earlier that i almost cried infront of my 6yr old and now i cant sleep. I'm on day 18. Has anyone else suffered this bad with cramps? If i manage the walk into town tomorrow,
I'l ask for a stronger one or something. To be honest i've only been managing about 2ltrs of water a day this wk. Could that be affecting my situation? Thanxs in advance.
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Hi there, sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. You should probably call lipotrim or your pharmacy and ask them what you should do to get sorted. Hope u feel better soon xox

irish molly

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You poor thing, it sounds like you are really suffering. First thing, you must discuss this with your pharmacist or doctor asap. increase your water intake. Drink at least three to four litres a day. When you get this blockage sorted take a fibre supplement every day. LT recommend fibreclear. Personally, I take psyllium husk capsules which are a natural fibre supplement. I take two every day and have no problems. Hope you feel better soon


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Ouch, you are in a bad way, poor you. I only drink 2 litres of water a day and am not that regular, but then again, I wasn't even before I started LT anyway. I have prescription laxatives from the doctor (because some meds I take have a constipating effect, oh the joy!) and I had been taking them each day but nothing was happening. Then I discussed it with my pharmacist and they advised that as long as I wasn't in pain it was ok that I only went once a week. However, that said, if you are in the much pain you really need to see your doctor asap to get something to clear the blockage. They may be able to prescribe something gentle that you can take each day to keep things moving along.

I take fibre clear also but I actually go less often when I take it than without so am trying to find a balance. Of course exercise always helps with constipation so a little walking and moving around each day should help at least a little bit.

Definitely go to the doctor though if you are in agony, they are best placed to know what the best course of treatment for you is.

Good luck and congrats on getting to day 18!
S: 12st9lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(6.21%)
Thank you all so much for your kind and helpful words.
The problem seems to have eased a lot today but it was a rough night. I was given fybogel by my pharmacist today ( they didn't have fiberclear) and hopefully that will do some good. If not, straight to the doctors, i just can't imagine going through all that again.
I had no idea about fiber supplements, it was never mentioned to me before so I'll look into that at my next weigh in. Thanks again xx

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