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thejoyofanonymity's food diary

Seems like a good idea to track on here - and then it means if I'm going wrong then I can at least see easily where I'm going wrong...

Feel free to comment :)
Extra Easy

Breakfast - I knew I should have had cereal :cry:
2 slices white bread - 8 syns
Lurpak lighter butter - 1.5 syns
Weight Watchers jam - 1.5 syns

Chicken Micro Noodles - free? - I hope so

Venison Sausages (yum yum yum)
Broccolli, cauliflower, carrots - lots of
Mash potato

No need for snacks as I've been full all day - unheard of for me so I'm really pleased with this :)

Total Syns - 11
No HEA or HEB though - must try harder.
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Hi ya,
Yeah bread is a Killer!, you can have Wholemeal ( not brown) as a HEB though. and i have just seen 2 slices of white nimble is also a HEB.
Try to find a more filling breakfast for a lot less syns. I stick to 10 a day, and your breakfast has already exeeded my daily limit.

Depends what micro noodles you had, which exact brand etc where they??
Remember on EE 1/3 of each meal should be superfree.
Thanks *honey,
I think i'm going to be moving to cereal and milk for brekkie with fruit to get the superfree foods in, and to use my healthy extras more - as I think i'll struggle to get them in elsewhere...

The Micro Noodles were no brand except for "Micro Noodles" - no other branding on them (the joy of corner shop shopping...lol) but as I'm unsure now as to whether they were free or not, I'm going to stick to Pasta 'N' Sauce from now on :)

Just had a fab dinner there which totally filled my up and was completely free so feeling better this evening - and haven't needed to snack at all as all the veg today has really filled me up...(I think for the first time EVER, i've had my 5 portions of fruit and veg today. :D


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Well done. SW really is a *diet* worth sticking with you can eat so much yummy normal foods all within allowance.
To be honest i NEVER have trouble fitting in my HE's and syns....lol
Batchelors super noodles and super noodles to go - the add water ones are FREE.
(POT NOODLES are quite high in syns for reference)
I think Super Noodles To Go might be good for me when at work - add that to a salad maybe for lunch, with some veg/fruit to snack on during the day...

It's gonna take some planning but I feel like i've eaten a good amount today, and feel good for it. Guess the scales will tell whether I'm doing it right though :)

I really appreciate the feedback on what I'm eating though - thanks :D


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your welcome :)
Mugshots and batchelors or Tesco cup a pasta, couscous are also good for when at work.

Planning is the key to this, i am a HUGE planner. I plan the weeks meals, lunch and dinner and pudding. I have a chart on the kitchen cupboard with all my HEA's, HEs lunch, dinner and syns. So if a meal uses a HE choice its marked up. if the meal needs syns there marked up, so i can see whats left for the day.
This post has one weeks plan on ( the whole thread is my weekly plans)
That plan looks great - I was going to try to buy all my things from Tesco tonight but realised I need to make a weekly plan to keep myself going...and to know what to get so you've inspired me to get properly planning :)

Just noticed you're at target aswell - well done :D I have 70lbs to go and it feels like a long way but I'll get there :)
Day 2 :)

2 Weetabix - HEB
Milk - HEA
(I would have fruit with it, but I don't have any in the house yet)

Chinese Spare Ribs Super Noodles 2 Go - free?
Side salad

Venison Sausages cut into meatballs - free
Lurpak Lighter - 1.5
Parmesan Cheese - 1.5
Cauliflower, broccolli, carrots, peas
Roasted peppers

Exotic Fruit Salad :)
Sugar Snap Peas
WW Chocolate Cake - 4.5 syns

Total Syns - 7.5
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Day 3 - also weigh in day - EEK

2 Weetabix (HEB)
200ml Milk (2/3 HEA)

Curry Super Noodles 2 Go
Salad with tuna
Cheese (will count syns tomorrow)
Light mayonnaise (will count syns tomorrow)

Nothing :( (I know how bad this is - I blame celebratory pub going...)

Snacks - gulp
2 x rose wine (175ml)
3 x Appletini ( v v v bad)
1 x McCoys Cheese and Onion
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EEEk, i just looked up the supernoodles to go you have written down, and there NOT the low fat ones (i hadnt realised there were so many different options of supernoodles!)
Im affraid here are my findings
Batchelors Super Noodles to Go, Curry, ambient 85g pot

7 Syns on Extra Easy Original 20 Syns Green 7 Syns

Batchelors Super Noodles to Go, Only 5% Fat, Chinese Spare Rib, ambient 85g pot

7½ Syns on Extra Easy Original 20½ Syns Green 7½ Syns

Its the Super Low Fat ones your looking for, and the Super noodles to go 98% fat free are all free.

BUT having just looked through all the syn values, the packs that my huby eats ( 2 of everyday for his breakfast ( eurghhh) but he likes it) i have just fund out are 10 syns a pack!!!! so he has 20 syns for breakfast!!
BUT he has now lost 5st whilst eating this, so think i am going to say there FREE, so i wouldnt worry too much about the Supernoodles to go oopsie. if they seem to affect your losses then stop having them.
Thanks for the heads up :) I had thought it was perhaps a bit too good to be true to be honest :) I lost 1lb though and that was only being on SW properly for 2 days so I still feel good :) I'll definitely look out for the 98% fat free from now on though :)

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