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Thinking of being a consultant!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
I asked my consultant last week if I was too old to be thinking about it! (I'm 59 in 2 weeks!) She said that I'd be ideal, so I got in touch with SW! I know the vague costs and i'm more or less sure I can perform in front of a class (my job is teaching people to walk / get back to normal again) They said an area manager will contact me! I'd love to give something back, am I in cloud cuckoo land?
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Wow Judi- you would be an excellent consultant!

You are always giving fantastic advice on here and obviously know your stuff (and the ups and downs of it all)

Good luck- I am so proud of you for taking that step



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Go for it, why the hell not!?! :p

If you can dedicate the time then i say go for it. If you have lived and breathed the plan yourself then you are in a prime position to be dishing out good advice.

You appear very straight to the point (IMO) and i think you would make a great consultant.


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I'm with the rest of them, your advice is always spot on, supportive, and been through it yourself. Had one consultant years ago that had never been on the plan and was HUGE. Plus every week turned up and seemed to gain or sts, lost 4lb in 6 months!, seemed a bit of a hypocrite to be handing out advice, whereas you know how hard it is.
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Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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You'd be brilliant. You're great on here, you're used to dealing with people and you're a mad old bat with attitude!
Go for it Judi - you'd be absolutely ideal! Your posts are always great, often make me laugh out loud (the bra sizing one in particular!), you obviously get on well with people, understand technology - how DID you post the pics of the Lidl offers? (no, don't tell me, I haven't got a clue!!!).

SW needs more people like you, who can really engage with people. Until I found this site, I hadn't realised just how lucky we are to have our Consultant, and can't believe how uninspiring (to put it politely) some of them sound.

I think that it is a testimony to our Consultant that many of us who have reached Target still come every week - I know it helps to ensure that we keep to the straight and narrow, but it's also that we enjoy it!

So Very Good Luck from me Judi, I'll await further developments with interest. By the way, what's AGE got to do with it?!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
S: 14st5lb
Oh what a lovely bunch you are! A heartfelt thanks for your supportive comments. I'll let you know what goes on.
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I am really pleased this is something you've decided to go for - like others, I think your advice is fantastic and comes from experience, but always delivered with sincerity and humour.

It's good you're going into it knowing the costs and what's required - eyes open!

Let us know how you get on...good luck :)


I will succeed!!!
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You'd be brilliant!!! I think you should definately go for it honey. Good Cs are essential and you'll make an ace C!



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Good luck hun, you'll be fab! x


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I think you'd be a great Consultant!! Good luck! xx
Judi i have pm'd you as went to a Consultant info morning last week and i'm arranging an interview... xx


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I agree with all the above comments Judi - I think you'd be superb. The advice you gave to me last week was brilliant and it's stuck in my head since then :)



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Oooh definitely go for it!
And when you're done and trained can you move to West London please ;)


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S: 13st9lb G: 11st6lb
Oooh definitely go for it!
And when you're done and trained can you move to West London please ;)
Seconded, we want you in west london! although, with skype etc wonder if it would be possible to have IMAGE therepy online, podcasts maybe. could charge for them. don't know how this would fit with the SW marketing plan, but good idea, then we could all benefit from you!

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