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***thinner thursday - hour by hour***

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morning everyone - heres to a thinner thursday and us all stickin to it hour by hour.

have got a busy immunisation clinic today les hope not too may babies cry!

am off to catch up on last nights threads - good luck for today and will be back later xxx
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Morning all,

Feeling pretty good, weight is shifting again and counting the days until my holiday :)

Just having a cuppa and will get glugging on the water ..

Have a great Thursday everyone xx


Stubborn tortoise
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Hi Jess & Sarah, glad you are both in sparklin' mood! Sun is shining here, & I love the idea of Thinner Thursday!!! Hopefully the weight will just melt away! Great you are seeing a shift Sarah, that motivation really keeps you focused... that and the holiday! Keep glugging!



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Mornin' all,
I'm counting down to holidays too Sarah - 65 days to go!
Scales have finally moved this morning so lost 2lb this week so far (getting weighed on Sunday this week).
It's a lovely day here, hope it is where you are!


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Morning Girlys - Busy day for me ... hair appointment then going for an interview getting the train it's about an hour away i don't do public loo's lol so will need to try and get my water /shakes in bit later today !

Hope you all have a good day, have to say being on Cambridge my energy levels have sored it's such a wonderful diet,

catch up later
enjoy the sun x


Loving losing
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Morning all :)

Missed a couple of days posting - had a quick read last night, but husband hogging the laptop for work at the mo.

Love the Thinner Thursday bit...so is it 'Fight the Flab Friday' 'Skinny Saturday' 'Water down Wednesday' etc etc - could start a thread really!!

Have now lost 2 stone in total today(including my pre CD dieting) so I am now on top of the world and my trousers are nearly falling down!! Everything is so big on me it is such a fab feeling. i can now get into things that I bought when i lost a load of weight a couple of years ago which means not having to buy stuff for the moment at least. I'm soooooooooooooo HAAAAAPPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!!!:D:D:D

On a sad note, I am having to pull out of doing CD, purely financial as we have a huge holiday bill to pay in June and need any pennies possible to help pay for it and other things. However, I have decided that the way forward is Slimfast for the moment while my head is in the right place. If I don't carry on losing and start to get tempted with other food then I will just have to make other cutbacks and come straight back to CD. It was such a hard decision but i am feeling so positive, I WILL lose!!

I hope I am still OK to follow everyone on the CD forum cos I am still with you in spirit and find it so motivating. Not many people post on the S/F forum!

Anyway, off to work for a very busy day...

Take care and have a 100% day whatever the plan...



WILL be Slim!
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it better be thinner thursday as its my weigh day today! at 9.30! EEEK!
Desperately hoping for another decent loss as i'm feeling thinner, and i'm already having to buy new trousers as my others are far too big...:)

So on this fabulous summers day, lets pray for skinny skinny skinny times!



Stubborn tortoise
S: 14st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st2lb(0.97%)
Ibiza, SOOOO sad to see you go... wish I could make you change your mind! But I know you will have thought hard about this and if you have made a decision then best of luck with it. Please do keep checking in and stay on this thread... we don't care if you are SF! Big hugs anyway, it's not HOW we get to goal really, it's that we DO get there. And you will.



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Good morning everyone!!! Welcome to a thinner thursday - I love the title of the thread Jess!

Ibiza - definitely stick around in the forums they will still be a major support even though you're not doing CD anymore. And yay for holidays!!!

I do find it interesting when people say that CD can be a bit of a financial stress out, as I've personally found that it's a cheaper lifestyle. I was spending so much on coffees, lunches from pret or eat, dinners out, alcohol, snacks, the secret binges, treats... that now my partner and I are saving money. He's still eating a normal diet but without the pressure from me to eat dangerous foods or go out, his food bill is super low too. Has anyone else found this?

Let's have a great day out there everyone and drink that water!!!


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I weighed this morning and scales have shifted a whole pound since yesterday - making me 12st 5. Thats good enough for me this week, although official weigh in is on Saturday. So yah.

Off today with a mega indulgent lie in til 9:15. Bliss.

Went to Peacocks yesterday and bought a size 14 linen skirt, and a size 14-16 top, as it was either 14-16 or a 10-12 and due to boobage I'm so not there yet.

Ladies, for the first time in a long time I liked what I saw. So then I popped to shoe shop and bought pair of knee high boots.

Met husband at cinema in baggyarsed trousers and teeshirt. Told him had to nip to loo pre film and got changed in there. Came out wearing a above the knee black skirt, knee high boots and a clingy pink top. His face was priceless and he actually did a double take. Felt really good.

Its taken 5 weeks but now I can see it. A bit. Mega excited now!

P.S the size 14 shirt is baggy and I have to wear it on my hips! I am treating this as a happy mistake in sizing as no way I am a size 12. Not yet anyway!

Ibiza - Stick around. Don't disappear just because of the lack of shakes. :D


Slimming down the aisle
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I think it can be cheaper if there's only you or you and a partner. But I think that sometimes maybe if you have a family it works out that it can be difficult. Just because you maybe wouldn't spend quite that much. I don't know! I'm a student and never have much money so I can't really say! It's costing me more than it would on food as I've not long moved home and so didn't pay for food. But it does mean I'm not buying drinks, snacks and stuff like that so while it isn't cheaper, I am still saving on some things! But I just figure you know what it's £200 a month yes, and I'll probably be here for about 6 months, quite possibly more, but £1200 for a new slimmer Caroline... well worth it! Also it will get cheaper I guess as you move up the steps closer to goal. I think paying that much for it though puts it into perspective for me and makes me realise I seriously don't want to waste my time!


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morning all,
Ibizamad, I understand the financal thing with CD. I have 4 kids and a hungry hubby so adding CD on to the weekly food bill was something i had to think hard about. I made major cut backs in several places to go on to CD and so far it has worked out(difficult at times i must admit). maybe you can take a look at some things in your budget and scrape together the dosh? If not, do your best to keep the motivation that CD has brought to you and use it on whatever eating plan you chose and of course stick around here for inspiration..Good luck.....

I woke up so hungry and had no energy this morning. Why? YUK! I hope im not coming down with something.... gotta find a surge of willpower to get going(really just want to get back in bed). Work calls. Blah!! Have a great day everyone. Thinner thursday for sure!!!
Good morning ladies.. have not posted for few day's been abit pre-occupied with my situation.. I have an appt with a private specialist in a couple of weeks.. she was really lovely when I spoke to her yesterday.. still no reply from my local hosp.. my energy levels are so low that my gp has insisted I go up to at leat 1000.. pretty fed up as I still have four stone to loose but I have written my own plan and I have been very careful, obviously don't want to put on what I have lost.. I am still having mix a mousse for my pudding.. :) have a good day everyone x


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Morning all!

Ibiza- sad to see you go but keep us posted on your progress!

Got my WI at 3 today and hoping I can leave home a bit earlier and do a quick shop, could always do it after WI but might get stuck in traffic,just hope mums here in plenty time to look after little one. Forgot to fill my water last night so it's a bit cold, away to have a pepermint tea-that reminds me I need to get some more from shop!

heres to a good thurs everyone!


Stubborn tortoise
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Hanna, think I saved money too... the penny dropped it was ME eating all the sweet treats I used to buy, not family, so that is a saving; also losing binge-cash, meals out etc does add up. I know it's not this way for everyone, but it was for me.

Lexie, brilliant... you must have felt FANTASTIC!!! I bet you are a bl***y 12 too... I had this a month ago, trying on a size 14 dress, all fitted, which I never thought would even zip up. It did. But the top looked all wrong... too low... too gappy... it dawned on me. The top bit of me needed a 12!!!!! (Sadly, bottom bit didn't, but hey).

Caroline & Well, hiya... have a great day!

Sarah, you will be fine on 1000, I have done it for 2 weeks and found it possibly easier than 810 once I got over the thrill of having carbs again. You will still get there, and you must listen to your doc... being well, or as well as you can be, is what counts right now. Hang on in there, we are rooting for you.

Angela, good luck for WI!!!



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hurray! I just put on my leather jacket I bought 2 years ago. I have never been able to button it up but today I can button it easily!!! And my trousers are a joke. I cant even walk without holding them up. OOO, must get to the shops...... Nobody around me has commented on my weight loss though(2st 3 lbs), it shouldnt matter that much to me,but it would feel really good to hear a compliment or two. kinda motivates you to keep going.:sigh:. maybe it is difficult to tell someone "wow, you lost weight you look good". It is kinda like saying "you were a fatty before and looked horrible", although I would always compliment anyone who has lost. HHMM. Oh well, it wont put me off. My 12 year old daughter compliments me a lot. She is a darling.:)


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Honestly - get a a smaller pair of trousers, baggy stuff hides the weight loss. I bet when you get a properly fitting pair the compliments come rolling in!

Katy - I'm going to try and get pics up later on in my profile gallery. I'm blatantly not a size 12 but thanks for the kudos :D


Stubborn tortoise
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Thinner Thursday WI result... 2.4lbs off, just .2 of a lb away from target!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!



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Well done Katycakes!!!!!

Morning all!

I'll try to post on here more often from now on!

I had my official weigh in today, 5lbs off, so her scales weighed me the same as mine did on Sunday :) Very pleased with that. I shall SS+ for the next stone, then I will be moving slowly up the steps. So nice to have a plan in place!

Hubby has gone to see his brother for work stuff, kids are at school/nursery, so I have the house to myself! Bliss! I shall catch up on Mini's then have a leisurely shower and wash my hair. Then I shall watch a couple of progs I have on Sky+ to free up a bit of space! Off rollerskating again tonight, so will have to sit through the usual thursday night fast food trip. *sigh*



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KATY - :553: :happy096:
That's amazing that you are virtually at your TARGET!!! What's .2 of a lb between friends!

Congratulations and celebrations!

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