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I am currently on day 11 and finding I get really thirsty. So far this morning since 9am I have consumed 3 pints of water and could quite happily drink more.
I have SS'd before and can't remember feeling like this, is it normal and will it slow down.
Also the funky fuzzy taste in my mouth is now putting off my OH, does this go away once your body has adjusted or is this only until I eat foods again. Please help as I am feeling alittle isolated at home :sigh:
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Trying very hard!
Drink as much as you feel like drinking, unless you feel that its way too much and its staggered throughout the day.

The drinking does help the breath, mouthwash and brushing helps too. I sometimes use a breath spray as well.

Dont worry that they think, they soon forget what they smell like after a few lagers and a kebab!


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thanks Louiser, I just like to be equipped with the right info..............just so I don't burst from all this water.
Witht the fuzzy taste, I now spend a lot of my time talking to people with my hand over my mouth!:D
Can't help with the thirst as I only really get it if I haven't had a drink for a while but the funky mouth thing should settle after a couple of weeks. Mine was terrible when I first started so I chewed a lot of sugar free gum, now I just have the odd piece if I've just had a shake and it feels a bit fuzzy. I've had no problems with the gum but it can make some people more hungry. xx
Be careful not to drink too much water all at once
Try and keep the water intake like a water wheel spinning all day
The furry mouth feeling is Ketosis and will not go away with lashing loads of water down
Im now on week 3 and mouth is still furry but not as bad
I know my breath hums a bit but I take it as a good sign that my body is burning fat and getting rid of some of it through ny mouth
Good luck


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thanks James for your help. So the furry mouth is a good thing, bet you wouldn't say that if you were wanting a kiss!!!:D

I keep the water intake to about two pints in the morning, three in the afternoon and three in the evening before bed at 11.00 But I could honestly drink more, and as for the visits to the ladies....well, I shall move my laptop in there in a mo save the time spent going back and forth :D
I chew Wrigleys Extra Sugar Free Gum. Comes in Peppermint & Spearmint. xx

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