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Those damn bars


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i was sooo in love with the bars last week but today OMG the tummy pains and wind (sorry TMI) i didn't have any probs last week but today has been so bad - actually feel really sicky with them!

Is this a really common thing?

gonna have to rethink maybe..

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Im the same way with bars REALLY windy and occassionally get a bad tum. wouldnt put me off tho....its hubby and kids that pay for it lol.


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maybe will switch lunch bar for soup and have bar in the eve that way BF can put up with it and i can be poor me and get out of doing the cleaning!:D


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hehe...my hubby thought i had some kind of gastric bug lol. i know a few others have this prob as well. i'd definately swap for the evenings. far less shameful farting infront of ur partner than ppl u work with lol


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he is on CD aswell so we can get through it together - lol

serious stomach rumbly horrible feelings though might just forget the bars altogether after next week!

what with no food and now no bars SS is really testing me!


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mix a mousse is amazing for having something to chew. u can also make icecream with tetras. just as well ur partner is on CD...no one eating around u etc. good luck to u both!


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Your body does get use to the bars. I thought the same as you that I would never be able to eat the bars as I did get cramps and wind.:eek:

You can have half a bar along with half a packet (split the contents of the packet and make up each half fresh when needed to drink) instead of having the full bar and keep the second half of each for the next day.

Try this as it should be easier on your tummy rumbles.

I could not do without my peanut bar, just love it.

Love Mini xxx
Hubby and I had exactly the same symptoms with the bars, apparentley the peanut and cranberry are the worse,
so we tried the others, and no kidding with in 15 mins, my tummy was making the most weird noises, then had to do the 200 metre sprint to the loo.. !

i know alot of people that have tried them, and they have no probs at all..



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Peanut and cranberry are my two favourite :)

I have ate two bars and suffered big time for it...so did husband:eek::ashamed0005::giggle:


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Must admit I never had a whole bar in one go. Used to halve them.

But, I did have a huge problem with cherries last week. Sounds like the same symptoms:(

Here's a little tip, but probably best to do this in private :D

Lie on the floor and bring your knees up towards you face.

Place massage your stomach firmly. Really kneed it like a heavy massage. Not enough to hurt you, but just to 'move it all along'. I does help matters;)

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