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thursday WI crew!

oh dear i sts guys little bit disappointed but least it was not a gain! x x
Aww emzy, thats a good positive attitude to have :) And im sure you'll do awesome next week! ^_^
Good luck to everyone thats weighing in today!
Thanks guys and yh I'm trying to stay positive resisting the temptation of having chips cheese and beans tonight lol x x
Hello everybody, I had my first weigh in today and lost half a pound. Completely useless!
I was doing well until the saturday when I convinced myself I could have a few vodkas from my 49 propoints weekly allowance, then I lost track and got drunk and ate a whole pizza.
The next 2 days i felt awful and ate loads of starchy stuff.
I know now I have no chance of losing weight if I drink even just once a week, will have to limit it to special occasions I think.

I am 13 st 3 pounds and hoping next thursday will be better!
well you done better than me on my first weigh in 3 weeks ago. i had gone out and had a meal out and had gained half pound:cry:but went tonight and lost 4 and half so not going to use those 49 extras :D
Yes, I was rather relieved i didn't gain on my first WI :D. My friend gained half a pound though, we both felt very silly. :eek:

Glad to see you got back on track though irishlady - I'll try not to use too many of my 49 extras this week!
had my first weigh-in 2nite and lost 7lbs so happy!didnt use any of my 49pp over the week and think il only use them if i really have no choice or for special occasions!really motivated to stay on track for next week cos want to c another 1lb or 2 off!


likes posting.
I had my first wi & lost 6 1/2 pounds.Im so pleased its the most ive ever lost with ww.I had a great week & didnt feel hungry at all, hope i can lost this week as well.Good luck too everyone else.

Had my 4th weigh-in last nite and lost another 1.5lbs,am pleased with this as i have had 3 good weight losses so i should be expecting to lose 1-2lbs a week from now on.

Congratulations on all the losses,and for those who haven't lost - keep motivated and stick at it.

Well done,here's to next week!!!
I lost 1.5lbs thursday... and got my 7 sticker... but its weigh in tomorrow and I think I will deff put on weight this week, had lots of evenings out! Damn the works leaving due and the superbowl night lol Good luck for everyone tomorrow!!
Good luck for today everyone. Am feeling confident, though I was a wee bit naughty last night. Had my dinner in the oven and hubby came home with a bottle of vodka - so I gave him my dinner and had a few drinks instead. :eek:

Here's hoping it doesn't turn into extra poundage until after the weigh-in!
Hi everyone!

I joined last week, so tonight is my first weigh in. I'll be honest - I'm not feeling all that confident about it. I stuck to my point and didn't use any of the weekly points or the activity points I earned, yet still feeling heavier than last week. I am definitely going to stick with it though as in the long run, eating healthy and exercising is going pay off and my body will catch up haha Soon it will be reflected on the scale!! I'm still having trouble getting my head around evening weigh ins though haha Good luck everyone!!
wi in for me and after a sts last week was a bit aprehensive,,down 2 huge lbs of FAT oh yeahhhhhhhhh,,hope everyone does well today,,and for those that don't just keep at it,,it will happen:D
OMG, I lost 6 pounds!

Very happy bunny. Only lost half a pound last week (my first week on ww) because I was naughty, so have made up for it now thank goodness.

I didn't use all my 49 weekly points. probably used about 15 of them, so was expecting maybe 3 pounds off - madly chuffed with 6. :)

My main friends last week were bns chips and minimilks lol, really helps to have low point snacks around for when you are bored of fruit.

Well done yummymummy and keep going Janie x
I decided not to get weighed this week, had an awful week too much uni revision and work to do and i'm not feeling very well. Hopefully I will lose a big amount next week because of exam stress hehe... Well done everyone and keep up the good work!!!

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