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Time for some new clothes


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Well I wore a shirt today that I haven't had out since after my daughter was born 11 months ago. It did a great job covering the post baby bump, but now looks ridiculous on me.

So tonight I got home and tried more of my clothes on and they're suddenly all too big

It's weird how this seems to have just happened really quickly last week they seemed fine.

So shopping time for me :) I'm curious to see what size fits now
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This is my favourite part of Exante. Nothing is more satisfying and motivational than seeing week by week as your body shrinks and your clothes get looser and looser! I've got two boxes of next two sizes down clothes that I am trying on each week to see what fits and each week there are a few things that fit great, which previously were too tight!
Keep going!! Xx


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I have lots of bags waiting to go the charity shop and my wardrobe has very little left that fits. But I am trying to be cautious and only buy enough to survive as I am still loosing weight very fast. But - there is nothing like buying size 14 after 22/24. Its magic.
New bras today, down three sizes.


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I bought one pair new work trousers 2 sizes smaller than when I started! and a couple of work tops 1 size smaller :)

I figure home stuff can look a big baggy for a while

Was such a nice feeling can't wait until the new clothes don't fit anymore too lol


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Thats fantastic Tiana, i cant wait for my clothes to start getting bigger! I have a fab pair of jeans from when i was smaller that i cant wait to get into again. It must be such a nice feeling
You guys are doing so well! I also have a few dresses and stuff from my "skinny days", which I am using as a gauge for how I'm doing.

I've also promised myself a biiiiig shopping trip when I get to target though (and a thorough pedicure - my feet look horrid from all the running!).

I can't wait to fit into some of my old clothes, but tbh some of them will probably no longer be fashionable and would be better tossed in the bin or going off to the charity shop (it's been a loooonnnggg time since my skinny clothes saw the light of day). I think I will be shopping sparingly until I get to target as I want to have a huge shopping spree at that point rather than wasting money along the way... We should set up a exante loser clothes exchange!!! Think I have everything from a size 22/24 to a size 10 lurking around the house :)


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Remember to keep a couple of items, for your inspirational photo's :)

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