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i think they all contain additives read the tin see whats on them ...
Realy?? I know im stil waiting for the book and know that a lot of processed meats have got nasties in...does this apply to say-wafer thin ham?? or similar? Im trying to think about cutting costs as there meat will get exspensive...i guess tinned fish is cheaper...or all of the above from frozen maybe? Ive found that cheaper cuts of meat tend to be the fattier ones! Annoying! I guess offal is quite cheap though¬! xx
Aside from the additives tinned meat usually has a high salt content, too.

Remember that the meat you have is supposed to be lean, so the chances of finding additive free, salt free lean meat in a tin is highly unlikely.

Generally a good standby meat is a standard whole chicken! It's also worth checking with a local butcher, their prices are often better than the supermarkets as well as being (usually) superior cuts of meat.
Thankyou!! Will definately check with the butcher-that sounds like a good idea money wise/taste wise and supporting local business wise!! x
the tinned tuna and salmon is ok they have some salt for preserving but not to the extent of processed foods ...
ive found budget wise a whole chicken is ok but it sometimes gets wasted , i tend now to but the legs and drumsticks as i eat them easier
eggs is a big thing cheap and filling


** Chief WITCH **
Why does it get wasted? I freeze cooked chicken (and not CHILDREN as I just typed ;)) all the time... and keep the carcass for soup... oh Delia is me!

Tinned meat just doesn't seem right, somehow


Not very good at this!
Tinned meat doesn't really taste like the meat should - my stomach churns when I think of that ham my Mum used to buy when I was a kid - anyone remember it, in that almost egg shaped tin (I'm not sure how to describe the tin - sort of oval but wider at the bottom than the top) - and it used to have all kinds of jelly in it, and tasted nothing like ham!!
haha...camping food lol...im going to visit my local market and get bulk loads of meat from there i think!! xx


** Chief WITCH **
and keep an eye on the supermarket online brochures for special offers and fill the freezer then... we used to keep a thread running with offers people saw. Worth bumping up again.

Can't say as I do remember that, Mouse.

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