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TMI alert: bloating

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So... just coming up for three weeks on LL. First week was fine. Bit of a rumbly tummy but ok and felt like my tummy was getting smaller. Second week I swelled up like a balloon so upped my water and had some fibre mix and movicol in the end. This week - even MORE bloated. Put it down to TOTM... but just don't understand it as it hasn't gone down at all! I've been losing some of my upper spare tyre (! :rolleyes:) but it's almost like I have an intolerance to something in the packs. My trousers are getting looser in the thigh but my waist is still the same size and I'm very (ahem) windy! How is this possible??!!!
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Hi spangly!
i remember getting days where i felt just like you, but it did pass honest so hang in there! glad to hear your taking the Movicol i too have to take that, had awful probs with that at the start, wouldnt ever wanna go through what i did again, so thank god for movicol lol


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Hi Spanglymum!
I too had problems with bloating and wind! This is probably way too much information, but I searched on the internet for 'wind releasing stretches' and it really helped me out! Also helped to reduce the bloating as my stomach was literally full of wind.
Never tried movicol but it sounds much better than senokot which I tried and didn't really rate.


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Sometimes this is a reaction to food items that your intestinal enzymes are simply not used to. They will readjust to be able to process the new 'food' with a little bit of time.

After so long on the diet and then heavily restricting carbohydrates, I found this to happen! I mean. I used to be a carbohydrate addict. Then two and a half years worth of NONE in my diet - my enzymes changed and were not expecting them anymore... BOOM - I had a carb overload for a prolonged period (of a few months) and the bloating, wind and actually very loose stools accompanied this for the first month or so ... It gradually eased as the body re-adjusted.

Don't worry.. If you had intolerance you'd be feeling pretty awful, and thankfully (hopefully) you're not!

Hang in there. :)

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