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Tomato Soup


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.............sorry hate it with a passion. Nothing could make it taste better. Yuck!!!!!!!
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Couple of drops of Tabasco sauce for me


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yuk im with bernice i cant stand it i got rid of all mine.
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Tomato is proably my worst too but I just add Salt and Im happy enough, there is bound to be a few bits that you can add (ideally some bread for me hee hee)
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I used to like tomato too but I also find I am liking it less and less. I have to put a lot of salt, pepper and chilli powder in to get it down
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I add either chilli flakes our ground peppercorns. I am going off the soups so have just ordered shakes this time.
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Other day i added all purpose seasoning spicy, salt, italian seasoning and tabasco. Wasn`t so bad but aaah just the thought of it.....
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I have ordered just shakes with a few soups - haven't tried mushroom yet, liked the veg, didn't mind the tomato, hated the thai chicken though it tasted really strong.


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I must be quite weird as I like all of the soups, bars and shakes on Exante and dont add anything to any other than a couple of sweeteners to the shakes. Maybe because I came over from LT the flavours were not quite as extensive. But I always remember the saying that cropped up a lot over there - to not think of the soups/bars or shakes as food but as "weight loss medicine" :D


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S: 21st11lb C: 18st9lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 3st2lb(14.43%)
Thank you for all the ideas, I shall definitely try some of them. I've been trying to have a tomato every so often, as I don't want to get to the end of the month and end up with 2-3 days where I've only got tomato soups all day!
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I don't dread the tomato quite as much as I used to, but I must admit I tend to eat all of them very early in the month to get rid of them!

I add chilli powder or curry powder, but it's not just the taste, it just looks so weird when it comes out of the microwave (all sort of pink and spongy)! :)

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