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Tootiefrootie's WI

Well today was my first WI and Im down 4lbs, with the week Ive had Im not too down about it. A loss is a loss and definitely better than a gain.

I was very bold last week and caved into my chocolate cravings on Day 5 (thanks to my so-called-mate who knew I was on a diet and still brought me chocolate!!!) Anyway it was a faux-pas, a minor hiccup, this week I hope to get rid twice that ;)

Ive also had toilet problems (ah hem :rolleyes:) and so Ive bought fibre-clear which Ive never used before so hopefully that will help this along a little better ;)

Anyway the sun is shining, the birds are singing so Im raising a mug of oolong tea and toasting to "week 2!!!"
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well done at least you didnt have a huge blow out some people think after 1 hiccup they should pig out then start a fresh,goodluck with week 2


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Wow 4lb down and chocolate :) :) that is a positive outcome and one which any weight watcher would envy!!!

Well done and am looking forward to seeing your weight loss next week xxx


Back on the diet train...
hey hun well done on the loss!!! what diet could you eat chocolate and then loss that much??? :D

best of luck this week!! tell your friend NO food!! ;)

Thanks everyone- here's to a better loss this week ;)
Week 2 Weigh In

Well I headed to the pharmacy early this morning as a) I was in college and b) I had no shakes left...

Anyway the result is..... -4lbs!!! Now I know that it is not the highest but Im really pleased with it, I think I would be very happy if I had a stead weight loss like that each week. It was also TOTM as well which I know can add not take away pounds!

So here's to another successful week :D
Oh yeah I didnt realised that!! Thanks Fiona ;)


Here we go again!
Well done on the 4lbs. I agree with you, if I could lose a steady 4lbs a week I would be very, very pleased. Well done and keep up the good work.
Week 3 Weigh In

Hey Peeps

Well just back from the pharmacist and... Ive lost another 4lbs!!! Im thrilled with that because Im being consistent in my weight loss. Ive noticed my body shape is getting slimmer too- my boobs are vanishing (woo hoo) my trousers are falling off me :rolleyes: and Im feeling pretty great about myself! But I know I still have a while to go before I reach my goal but Im pretty pleased with myself today?

So here's to another successful Week!!!;)
Week 4 Weigh In

Good evening fellow LTRs

Hope all is going well with people- well I cam back from the pharmacy and after some head scratching I have lost another -4lbs WOO HOO that's 16lbs in a month which is 1stone and a bit GONE!!! YAAAAAY :kissass:

My pharmacist told me I had lost 8lbs!! I was ecstatic but then when I came home and did the subtraction it turned out to be 4lbs which seems a bit more realistic because if Id lost that amount I think Id notice!!

Here's to a good week 5 :D


Here we go again!
Another great loss tootiefrootie. Good steady weight loss is great. Keep up the good work and here's to another 4lbs next week!
thanks Bev really happy with it!!!!
Well done hun - fantastic work! Keep it up and you'll reach your goal in no time! x


Loves to be happy
congrats missy you are flying along... and most of all you deserve a standing novation for jumping back on the horse. i hope your weight loss continuesto be this successful xXx
Thanks a million guys you have definitely helped me with the encouragement :D
Hi Tootiefrootie
Just wanted to say how well you are doing. Must feel good to have such a steady weight loss each week.
Emma x
Week 5 Weigh In

Wow I cant believe it's another week gone AND Im on week 5 where has the time gone:eek::eek::eek:

Well the result is.. (pretend there is a drum roll)......

ANOTHER 4LBS GONE!!!!! Woo hoo Im soooo chuffed with myself :p