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Treadmill question for Justin

or anyone else who can answer.

I'm due to get my new treadmill anyday now. I'm reasonably fit but just need a hand in losing a few stubborn lbs.

I'm not a runner at all and the only running I have ever done is when I trained for the race for life last year. Other than that I can't even say I've run for the bus!!

What would you recommend as a training programme?

Many thanks in anticipation
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Sorry its taken a while for me to get to this.

Sugar lips is spot on though, follow her advice. If your working at a good enough intensity to burn any fat, then you shouldn't be able to go at it longer than 20-30 minutes in one session.

If by this time you really arent giving it everything you've got to keep going, then you likely haven't worked enough to get a metabolic boosting effect. If that happens, try it on a higher incline or speed next time (note that I said incline OR speed - don't try to increase both!)
thank you sugar_lips an Justin. The treadmill delivery was delayed but I had a call today and it's being delivered on Thursday morning, so I'll be on before lunch.

Should I be able to do more than one session a day? or will I be pushing it to do that?

Many thanks
You can TRY doing more than one but you must follow these two rules:

1. Leave at least 6 hours between each workout
2. Dont perform two hard sessions a day for longer than 10 days. After 10 days of 2 per day, go back to 1 session per day for at least 5 days, before doing 2 a day again.

Id also say to try seeing if you can actually do the workout once before you start adding to it! Id rather you did it once per day at a good intensity rather than twice at a poor intensity.
Thank you for this information. The treadmill will be her tomorrow. I will let you know how I get on.

Oh one more thing, I do aerobics 3 times a week, I take it I can still use the treadmill twice on these days? (heart and lungs permitting of course) lol

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