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Trial run... Please advise!

I had a trial run today I'm moving over from exante (after drinking lots of booze last weekend but almost sticking to shakes/ low carb!)
I struggled with weighing of things a bit, for example when cooking mushrooms I wasn't sure what the cooked weight would be so I probably ate less or more I can't remember now!
I have been drinking 3/4 litres of water on exante anyway but I've struggled this week. Is there anyway you can have any sort of cordial? If so which?
I'm GUTTED about tomatoes and onions carb content as I use these for loads of my cooking. My carb count ended up being 25 when I'd realized how much tomatoes were! How does everyone else handle this?
By the way I'm not complaining! It's a wonderful thought to be able to eat three times a day!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've got the book and read loads on here. My next step is to check out recipe books so I can get some new ideas!

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just wanted to say welcome and well done on your weight loss so far xx


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I love tomatoes too - they are on the B list for induction, so you can have them, just not loads :)

M&S does a tomato and basil pasta sauce, about 2g carbs per 100. See the sticky "Low Carb Shopping" for other ideas.
Ah thanks people. I nearly had a panic attack as my scales say I've put 8 pounds on since yesterday. I really really hope it doesn't stay like this!! I did just weigh now so it's last thing at night. Tell me it will all go by next weekend!!!

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Welcome.....& never weigh last thing at night! I sometimes do that to tease myself, lol

I cooked with spring onions/ scallions now. They are about 1/3 the carbs of normal onions & are much stronger, so you don't need many.
I've found the tinned tomatoes with the least carbs (12g per tin) are Tescos value ones....& believe me, I've checked, lol. You can also use Gia sun dried tomato paste, that is very low, don't ask me why.

Good luck :D


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Try to avoid the scales more than once a week if you can, and as Cin says, weigh yourself in the morning if possible :)
Yippee! Cinta you are a life saver. I have never heard of scallions until I came on this site but I'll find some. I always have springys in the fridge and I'll head to tesco immediately after work for toms.
I know I shouldn't weigh at night but I had major panic about eating hardly anything, easing off the exante shakes and then hammering fat! Anyway scales were back to normal this morning so thanks for your tips guys.
What's the script on cordial then? I've been having 2 litres water last few days but in smaller portions so it's less overfacing than a 2 litre bottle. I think last week I replaced my water for wine and it was hard to switch back! How much water are you drinking? :)

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I try and do about 3 litres a day, and have cut caffeine to 1-2 cups in the morning.

I don't use squash because the citric acid in it stalls me, but do go through a bit of sparkling water :)

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