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Trying to feel normal again !!!!

Hi everyone,

Ive decides to make my own thread to help me build up my will power and try to feel like im actually doing well by dieting.

Right where do i start, im 25 mother of two gorgeous beautiful girls and married to steven !
Im from london but i now live in manchester where u have been here for 5 years.

When u moved to manchester i was a big 14 small 16 and i was very very happy with the way i was then. I dont want to be a size 10 as ive been there and was so depressed coz i looked out of proportion !

My 1st day today and the husband knows the diet starts today and yet hes come home from tescos with a maccys for everyone ! 10/10 for the thought but -100 for him saying " diets are silly an just eat it !" i actually felt like crying !!!. He might think dieting is silly coz he can eat anything he wants and it not have an effect on him and i look at anything abd out on 2stone !!! He doesnt understand why im doing it, he thinks i look ok, but i dont want to look just OK i want him to wake up every morning and see me and think, i cant believe someobe like her married me !!!!!


Heres to loosing a stone in 5 weeks xxxxxx nadine
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Hi Nadine, Well I started today too, So just wanted to say good luck and to wish you a Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your diary and hopefully we can encourage each other xx:D
Katierose said:
Hi Nadine, Well I started today too, So just wanted to say good luck and to wish you a Happy New Year. I look forward to reading your diary and hopefully we can encourage each other xx:D
Hey katierose

Thanks for the comment, ive been decorting my kitchen and bathrpom all day so that helpped me stay awy from the biccies and quality street and roses lol !! I could soooooo do with some ben ans jerrys phish food lol but in all fairness all ive had to eat today was toast for brekkie and i just had my dinner which was oven baked chicken breast !! They do say everything in modaration! And little if what you want keeps your cravibgs at bay ?!?! Im not sure i was so strong today to turn my maccys down (which the husband eat aswell as his) and i feel really good and proud of myself for sticking with it and having the will power to say NO ! How was yoyr firsat day xxxxxxx nadine xxxxxx
Hi everyone

Day 2 of tge diet and the hubby went to maccys again and i turned it down again ! Now im unstopable lol i must admit i do feel very very confident ! Im also joining the gym in a few weeks and i will be going there a three to five times a week! I cant wait to see a difference now! I also need to buy a new pair of scales as my ones tell me that ive put on 2 stone in 2 days and then lost 4 stone 2 hrs later lol !!!! Any recomendations on decent scales?!?!?! Xxxxx
Morning everyone, im about to start day 5 of my diet and im still happy to say that im still doin well and havent slipped !!! I was super hungry last night so i went to bed early lol i thinkbif i stayed down stairs i would have eatting naughty things !!!! Anyway alls still good with the diet.

My sister in law is on a so called diet byt i dont class roast dinners and spag bowels and lamb chops as a diet lol oh yeah and she has chocolate aswell lol !

Anyway fellow slimmers i will be sure to update you on anything and let u know saturday my weekly loss xxxxxxx
Hi Nadine xx Well Day 5 for both of us.. i'll be weighing in on Sat too, i ve been 100% so am pleased and well done you for staying on track.:) I know what you mean about scales.. i ve got 3 sets but atually stick with my oldest ones.. i think i thought they were lying when i was at my heaviest lol.. They are electronic.so brought weighwatcher scales but my electronic seem to be the most accurate x
Hey everyone well today was my first weigh in and i lost a total of ...........................4lb ! Not too much and not too little great start i think ! Xxxxxx
hey nadine, lol at your husband...good u turned it down and well done at ur loss....yay. :)
Hey x
Congratulations on your weight loss :D:D, Woo hoo, Here s to another good week x
Katierose said:
Hey x
Congratulations on your weight loss :D:D, Woo hoo, Here s to another good week x
Thannnnnnnnks hun ! What was your weekly weight loss ?! Xxxxx i found a place sown the road from me called medi slim its a group of gp's that prescribe u weight loss tabeta , its £12 a week or £20 for 2 weeks so im gonna try that xxxxx
Hi x
I lost 6 pounds this week. So was pleased with that. :D.
I haven't heard of Medi Slim Let me know how you get on. I must admit I ve tried slimming tablets before and I didn't get on with them. One of my yo yo diet times :break_diet:
Hope you have a good day and hope to catch up soon x
Heeeeeeeeeeeey !

Sorry ive not updated this week ! It was supposed ti be a quiet week but as of monday morning i have not stopped !!!! I weighed myself this moring (1 day early ) and ive lost another 4lb which im chuffed about so in 2weeks i have lost 8lb not a bad a start heres to getting rid if all them other nasty pounds lol

I took a picture of my body on monday and i can see a change in my body shape its fab, i wont be stopping anytime soon

And while were on the subject if good news .... IM MOVING woooooohooooooo

Its a gorgeous 2bed house with double drive front and back garden for my girls brand new kitchen ! I have a good feelib about 2011 its my year !! Xxxxx

Love to all xxxxxx
Well done on your weight loss woo hoo xx I weigh in tomorrow am hoping it ll be good. Have a good weekend :D

What a weekend !!! It was the girls night out on saturday and omg it was messy ! I was very bladdered lol but i saved my ww pointa during the week or my night out. I even saved enough points for a indian lol whuch i enjoyed sooooooooo bloody much lol

I done a sneaky weigh in this morning to see if my night out had added a few pounds and ive lost anothet 2lb so im totalling on 10lb lost in 18days , which im sooooo chuffed about xx
Just to say good luck with this weeks weigh in. x Sounds as though it ll be a good one :D
Well i have abit if an update last week after i posted that i lost 2lb in 5days turned out being half a lb ! But this week i have lost another 4lb which brings am to 12.5lb LOSS in 4weeks !!! Xxxx

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