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Trying to sort out my profile cant get it to work


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Hi Lisa,
I wonder if it is one of the things you can only do after 50 posts. Someone else will be along with more news however if you look at the tutorial at the top it should help. Good luck.


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Get posting Lisa :D

I did mine before I posted at all, so I don't think it's to do with that :) Maybe you're doing it in the wrong format? :-S

Hope you get it sorted :)

Yeah, there's various limitations to what you can do in your sig before posting 20 then 50 times - but all the initial weight info should be no problem, like Han Han said, I also did all that before my first post!

It probably won't work if you are putting a past start date - are you doing that?
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Hi slim-mummy,

You should be able to put your profile details in straight away. I also don't think there is a 'correct' format for dates, so to test this I put 'Whatever' in for my start date and it saved it, and it also displayed in my details to the left.

Out of curiosity, what are you trying to enter as the date? Are you using any unusual characters? I've noticed that people are using different styles of dates, I am using 23rd June 2009, I've seen 15/05/09 and also the American format with the month and day reversed.

Hi all I was trying to put in diet start date which was 6/8/09 which Ive put in like that, and 6th aug 09 and other ways, its that bit that seems to be going wrong.


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I uploaded stats from first post, but currently have a limit on the character length for my signature, so cannot put much text in a the moment - is this anything to do with needing to post more often I wonder? Tracey
Yes I think your right tracey, also I had a ticker but how do you make it go up or down automatically for tracking your weight? thanks lisa
You need 50+ posts to be able to increase the size of your sig.

To update your Ticker - click on it and enter your password at the site then update the current weight value.


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